Simple .. Look if your gasoline gage on the right then your car gasoline hole will be on the right wel3ax sa7ee7 ! BTW ana men el ashkhaaasely sij kent a3aneey !



Here an actual picture of my car u can see at the bottom left there is an icon of gasoline and an arrow pointing to the left and YES its in the left.



Back to the SHIT ! i need an Anti virus which is Kaspersky ((emda7oleey eyaaah)) for Windows Vista (( alah e3ez el Mac wallah)) for 2 of my laptops and i dont want to buy the original one which will cost me around KD30 for 2 licenses and since Hawali shops dont sells copy CDs any more so the only way i think is torrents .. so do anyone knows where can i download the full version of it ? Once again .. sij mat3aref egdairey ella lama etjareb ghairey.    





Even the ladder got stylish ! why not ..

still interested? Here is the Link.

P.s. i dont thing im gonna buy it. (( eldaraaaay ya3ni daraay hal 7arakaat mata7amal awzanaaa :P))



Guys Today Officially $1 equals KD 0.277 !!! ((Remember old days $1 = KD 0.295)) So hurry up order from or even better

Here is the links to order:

Amazon , Apple

P.S. Sij a7eb el makhaseeeer 😛



As i mentioned in Yousef’s last post that my car was hit by stranger ((7esbeyalah 3alaih !)). So today i was in the police station to get the requested paper to fix the company car legally.

The story begins here .. the police man ((elthab6)) send me to the ((elkhabeer el faney)) so he can analise the accident if it is done by some body else or me, the normal way is: that person must come to my car which was parked in front of the police station and examine the it. I stopped at his door and asked him to come with me to see my car (( i repeat again this is the NORMAL procedure )) what he asks me to do is to go to my car and take a picture with my mobile and send it to his mobile via bluetooth then he WILL DECIDE ! We were 3 at his office and every one of us went to his car and captured his car and came back again. kel hatha 3ayaaaaaaaaaaaaaz !!! wala 3aib.


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  • Blue LEDs in the handle indicate when rain or snow is expected
  • Receives weather data for 150 U.S. locations from <– Here is the Tech. point !!
  • Top quality “gust buster” canopy design
  • Network signal and low battery indicator lights
  • Takes a single “C” size battery (not included)
  • Dimensions: 41 1/2″ L x 58″ Diameter (it is a large umbrella)

Price : $99.99



Simply Dubai.





Simply a watch talks like human !

If ur still interested more info here.



At&t and Apple are stating that less than 40 days “From the price cut of the iPhone ” Apple sold more than 250,000 iPhones with No activation via at&t ” meaning UNLOCKED iPhone” where sold .. WOW .. Apple fever !



Imagine EVERY thing u think of will be in stainless steel. I’ve ordered this creative key hanger from them.

Here it is: LINK

Update: i just received it and it looks pretty good.



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What an idea ! .. I’ve order it and its really amazing and so simple and even you can do ur own design .. It cost me with Shop&Ship around KD40.

if ur interested u can order it from here: LINK




if you like your cereal soggy then this post is not for you. but if you’re normal like every other person on earth, you might have wondered if there is a way to enjoy your bowl of cereals without it getting so mushy.. well there is a solution after all 🙂

Link: EatMeCrunchy!

70% of us prefer our cereal to be crunchy and now that’s possible 




Thanx Yousef : )