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Just got this sms “زين تهنئك بحلول 4 سنه معنا. نقدم 600 دقيقه مجاناً ابتداء من الشهر القادم” and also one lady called me from Zain telling me the same. Thanks Zain!


How Lions Spend Their Day

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Only in Electrozan, Starting from tomorrow they will be selling the iPad 3G 16GB, 32GB and 64GB for the prices of KD299, KD379 and KD429 respectively. Plus a silicon cover for your iPad will be included along with Apps and 1 year warranty.


Do you remember when I was looking for the BandLuxe router? well a couple of days ago I got a phone call from Hameed telling me that it is available in Hawalli for KD51. I wanted and needed one. So I went ahead and bought it.

Since this is my second 21.6 Mb/s router after the Dovado 3GN router, I’m going to go through the same review process, which will be based on:

  • Shape
  • What’s inside the box
  • Installation
  • Speed
  • Compatibility
  • Price
  • Drawbacks
  • Conclusion

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They’ve just announced their prices for the new destinations, its really amazing how they are low, specially Rome and Vienna, which the lowest prices in the net were in the range of KD160’s


You want to see how its simulated?


Its confirmed now Mohammed Al Fayed sells Harrods store to Qatar Holdings for price of £1.5bn, So expect it soon to be in Doha 🙂


Thanks Taymoor




Just found it with one of friends, I don’t think it was intended for regular human cigarettes! But believe me its really HUGE!


Since it summer season and most of us are thinkning of spending our vecation in one of the European countries, I just listed some useful information about most of the European countries such as Country name, Symbol, Currency, EU member (For the visa if it is within the EU then schengen visa is a must) and finally the Time zone.

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They’ve just opened their branch in Aalia & Ghalia Towers

Thanks dukeq8


Fat Burger is opening soon in a new place in AlMahboula area. The place is full of restaurants, one of which is Fat Burger. it’s across the street from Alia and Ghalia.

For more details visit أبو فلان’s post


Never thought he’s also talented in singing.


Was doing some search in Google.com.kw and found the above logo. Its really nice from google to update there pictures between time to time. You can check it out HERE




Q8HomeMade is website that offer recipes of all sorts and also have a section full of Kuwaiti recipes.



This is the best robber mask i’ve ever seen! He’s 30 years old and robbed five banks and a drug store in three hours.

Want to see the hollywood style mask? Click here


Anyone faced it? Once you type 6arab.com it takes you to Asnan.com only if you’re on Zain’s connection.

Thanks Ahmad


It seems 6arab.net is still working.

Thanks mimoo


Will be tomorrow, It seems they are dropping one after the other, it’ll be interesting to see which one would last.


UPDATE: They’ve just announced that the last issue will be on the 10th of May. Total newspapers in Kuwait will be decreased to 14 newspapers.


In 17 days only Google will be entering the Real Estate business. LINK

Thanks Ali


I really like this pillow! The hole in the center is perfect for the way I sleep.

It measures 22″ L x 5″ H x 15″ W and costs around KD 29 excluding shipping.

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In my case I will need more than one bottle because there are just one too many formulas to remember. 🙂