The event will be conducted in 7 – 11th June and I think with these leaked pictures and the above event the new iPhone will be real in a matter of days from now. So stay tuned will will update you with the latest updates.


It was uploaded on April 23rd, 2005 and was shot by Yakov Lapitsky at the San Diego Zoo. Up to now he got a total of 2,333,442 views.



The other day we had dinner at Shirin Banu restaurant, it’s Persian and Indian restaurant at the same time, I ate their twice but never tried the Indian food, their iranian dishes were really tasty. I tried the kebab, tekka, and reyash all of them were great.

In the ground floor you will find the reception and four privet rooms if u prefer to have your meal privately, and they all have huge tables in there that can fit, I think, more than 10 persons, the main restaurant however is located upstairs.

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Thanks Ahmad


All of us get annoyed from the endless title screens, trailers, and warnings primarily because you’re often prevented from skipping them once the DVD starts playing. But with this trick you don’t have to wait through the warnings any more. To skip over the warnings and stuff just press Stop -> Stop -> Play in your remote control. For more information see the video above.

Thanks Ahmad


So, Electrozan were kind enough to send us the iPad yesterday to play around with it and review it, okey.. you all know how much I love Macs, but this is different! I’m sure most of u will say that it’s just a big iphone, but this is a kind of product that can’t be in the same room with you, without you finding yourself itching to have your hands all over it! I mean even my mom asked to have a look at it and try it! I know this might sound like a childish expression but “it’s really really COOL”!

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Saw this cookie tag in a meeting. It’s either Moroccan or American, can’t be both!


We shouldn’t?


Just found on YouTube some sound tracks made from Apple’s OSX and Windows Vista & XP. Its really interesting !

Windows XP & 98:

Windows XP & Vista:

Apple OSX’s:


“The country’s biggest bank, posted on Saturday a first quarter net profit of $264 million, up 20 percent from the same period a year ago.” – Reuters

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It was 7:30am and I was planning to go to Abdali and on my way I faced real heavy rains! I’m speachless but gonna keep you with the pictures. Its really dark!

P.S. I parked my car just to let things cool down and start write and edit my post.

UPDATE: Ali’s dish just fell down from the roof due to the heavy wind 🙂

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Just came cross resayel’s blog and found out that Low fat was shutdown by the Municipal authorities. I Dont know why but there are a lot of rumors flying around, Does anyone know the reason behind the shutdown?


Since every shop is selling now the iPad in Kuwait, and most of my friends get confused with the prices, so I will put all the iPads prices that are sold in  Kuwait and I will make some comparison table at the end of the post.


X-Cite just updated their prices:

16gb@235kd / 32gb@285 / 64gb@325KD

Thanks gafoor

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Mishref’s Texas Chicken is offering 20% discount on their meals for the “Jamaiya employees.” Good idea and I really like their Arabic to English translation 🙂

Thanks ANM



My Banana Republic pant is made in Bahrain. I didn’t know they had a factory there!?


Straight to the points, the major changes will be:

  • Multitasking
  • Background listening
  • Background Location
  • Local Notifications
  • Task Completion
  • Fast app switching
  • Folders
  • Background Wallpaper
  • Enhanced Mail
  • iBooks
  • Enterprise Features
  • Game Center
  • iAd

It will be released in summer but the SDK is available for download now, and it will be compatible with iPhone 3G & 3GS also iPod touch 3rd Generation.




I heard he was warned to remove all the signs, and now instead of taking them off he added, defyingly, Allah on top.

Thanks ANM




Kuwait Oil Company decided to build an artificial oasis on the top of the second largest field in the world and call it Burgan Oasis. It’s a small piece of land that looks like Kuwait’s map, surrounded by water, and it will have a meeting room, a dewaniya a kitchen and bathrooms. Unfortunately its restricted to KOC’s employees only.

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Yesterday I was downloading my OSX latest update via Zain’s USB modem and found out that they’ve boost their speed which gives me an average of 1.4 Mbps and the lowest I got was around 750 Kbps which was stable till I finished my download, The file was 500+ MB so its really a big file! Good move from Zain.


Whats the point behind it? This guy enjoy blending any new gadget!