You know how supermarkets operate, they bundle 2 items together and sell them for slightly less. Which works like a charm, and is a great marketing strategy. Well, a reader just sent us the picture above, in his case it was ‘buy 2 items for slightly more‘. I know the price difference isn’t an issue in this case, but I still find this pretty odd.

The thing is, this isn’t the first time I see something like that, my cousin and I were at Lulu’s a couple of weeks back, and the Rice price was confusing. You’d pay less if you bought two 5kg’s bags than buying a single 10kg’s bag. Am I missing something? wasn’t it always the other way around?

Why bundle two items together if they’re not a better deal? An even better question would be, why the increase in price?

Thanks Ferydon


The blog runs fine on all browsers, including internet explorer, but some of the people using explorer were having problems viewing the blog. What made this little issue so mysterious was that the site ran perfectly fine with all of the explorers I used at work, yet some of my friends were telling me for example “the blog opens fine on my friends computer, but I encounter an error on mine.”

Long story short, we figured it out, it was something really silly. Beyond silly actually. We had one off character in one of the codes in the flash ads, and that little thing affected some versions of the explorers.

Thanks for all of the people who wrote us about this. Error no more! And Thanks Blog37 for all the help.

P.S. We despise IE.


I was just talking to an OSN sales person over the phone and he told me that they’ll send each OSN subscriber a decoder (satellite receiver with no slot for a card). He said that it’s a gift so you could enjoy the channels in HD format.

Can this decoder affect tv piracy?


He enrolled in business school aged 96 and graduated this year, aged 99.

“Education has no end,” he told CNN. “As far as your brain can work alright, your eyes can see alright, and your ears can hear alright, if you go to school you can learn.”

Thats what I call will power!




We’re building an extension to our diwaniya in chalet and we had to chop off a 20 plus year old tree that was on the way. It was a hard and a long process, we couldn’t move it even after cutting all of it’s roots, it was a bit too heavy, even for 2 cars to pull it off. Then a monster came a long and ripped it right out and dragged it outta the gates. Cruel scene. Watch the rest of the pictures


OSN or whatever it is called now. I hate it. There is nothing good on it when I’m watching, and the timing is way off, it’s always either john stewart or that other funny guy on, never a sitcom when I’m watching.

I just don’t like their new timing. And what was that? (picture above) I don’t like football and my subscription doesn’t include a single football channel, so why the hell was there a game on ShowMovies KIDS the other day!?




Dr Haya Al Omar has something to say to you about Autism:

What is autism?

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects the way a person communicates and relates to people around them. People with autism have difficulties with everyday social interaction.

International Autism Day is the 2nd of April. This day was recognized by the united nations as an “International Autism day” since 2008.

  • The Autism Marathon was one of the events that took place on march this year to help support Autism. This was organized by Kuwait Center for Autism, Kuwait Autism Society and Reach Volunteer group.
  • This year we will also have a booth to distribute free ” Reach Autism ” ribbons and booklets regarding autism in 360 mall and marina mall.
  • You can also support Autism by buying Awareness products on line through   http://hadeyastation.com where all proceeds will go to Autism children in kuwait.
  • The November Bakery will be supporting Autism as well, so pass by the bakery..

and of course join Reach group on Facebook too.

Reach Volunteer Group.


I first ate at Abou Al Sid restaurant (مطعم أبو السيد) in Sharm AlSeikh last year and it was the first time I experience a tasty egyptian cooking. Usually egyptian food (no offense) is all about quantity and no quality, Greasy food without a real identity (I’ve been to cairo a couple of times and I assure you I tried the best places. They all sucked. Rubber tastes better than their best dishes). But my perception changed when I tried ABou AL Sid in Sharm AlSheikh. I loved the food! and the restaurant’s ambience and overall feel was unique too Read the rest of this entry »



The software contains all the articles of the Kuwiati constitution in a simple way that enables a quick access to the material. A brief profile overview of the Parliament is included as well.

برنامج دستور دولة الكويت يحوي على جميع مواد الدستور بطريقة بسيطة تمكنك من الوصول إلى المواد بسرعة،بالاضافة إلى نبذة عن مجلس الأمة. ونعمل على إعداد الكثير من التطويرات والاضافات.


Thanks Sulaiman


The filters in your cigarettes may contain pig’s blood. Thats what I just read on the net, that Researches have confirmed pig haemoglobin, which is a blood protein, have been found in the filters. It’s being used in the filters to somehow reduce harmful chemicals from entering your lungs.

So far only one tobacco manufacturer in Greece confirmed the use of pig haemoglobin. Researchers have been demanding more transparency in what goes into making a cigarette, coz it may be a big deal for certain groups of people like Muslims, Jews and Vegetarians, but tobacco manufacturers aren’t too eager to share their secrets “that’s our business and a trade secret.”



I just read in Alwatan newspapers that they’re building bedrooms for the transit passengers in Kuwait’s airport. The article mentioned that transit passengers won’t face any problems if their trip got delayed or had to wait for long hours, the bedrooms will be available for nominal prices.

AlWatan paper used a picture of a sleep box for the article, which I think is much cooler if true!

Thanks Fawaz




YO! Sushi has just opened in 360° mall. I was there today and noticed that it was more than half full. Good thing considering it’s other branch in Marina mall wasn’t doing so good the last time I checked (is that one still open?)

We didn’t eat there, we ate at Wagamama instead, but the waiter told us that they will offer a delivery option soon, in less than a month, and that they will deliver to neighboring areas at first. I asked about Mishref and he said yes “Mishref, Bayan, Jabriya, Qurtuba, Surra..etc.”

I’m not a fan of Japanese food but I know that I have to try this one out, regardless of how weird I’d feel picking food I didn’t order outta of that revolving bar.


I went right after the opening on thursday and the place was exploding with customers. It was a nightmare, a good nightmare, coz everything was worth buying! I loved the collection (I’ve never been to an American Eagle and own none of their stuff so it was all new to me). The queue for the fitting rooms was ridiculous, I was wondering how were the staff coping with it (Surprisingly they were on top of things).

My friend asked a lady who worked for AE and was at Dubai branch’s opening if it was as crowded as it is in Kuwait (First branch in the middle east opened in Dubai on 17th of this month) She said that they are surprised at the amount of people who showed up in here and that “the turn up is at least 10 times Dubai’s.”

The staff although busy as hell were ready to answer questions and fetch things for me while in fitting room. Great collection. Bought 3 shirts and 2 shorts. Good stuff!

I’d go in the mornings if I were you or right after work coz I wouldn’t wish that queue even on enemies.


Mom just finished watching a 45-episodes of an Iranian series of Prophet Joseph’s (AS) story. After finishing it she sat and told us how sad she is that it ended, and that she enjoyed it one hundred percent. As she was telling us about the series’s highlights, she mentioned a specific scene that she thought was interesting.

The scene:

A monk telling Prophet Joseph how he led the people to believe that the status of the ancient God, Amon, was talking to them. He said he used to hide behind the status and talk to them, and that the temple’s wide interior spaces would carry his voice, distort it and make it sound as if it came from the status itself. And by doing that he gained lots of money from their offerings.

Why did she find it interesting, we asked?

She said:

Because it just shows that men faking religiousness existed for thousands of years, and there was always a bunch of people who followed blindly. We have that now. History repeats itself.


My friend is selling US iTune cards and some other interesting products. He was one of the first people selling the latest blackberry bold, and he will be having those sort of electronics and products as they become available.

Check out We Sell Them


Fairouz is amazing. Her musicals are great. My favorite musical is Baya3 AlKhawatim, ofcourse, and 9a7 Alnom has to be a second favorite, then comes The days of Fakhr Aldein and some others. I love the production and how simple the sound is and ofcourse her voice.. (I’m stating the obvious I know).

The lyrics especially are deceivingly simple. The writers are really good, those Rahbany brothers, They write about real every day life, and throw in many hidden, and sometimes not so hidden, jabs at the political scene and country’s top people.. I love how they mix their political views and worries with romance and love. I think it’s a great mix, a smart mix! Making somber topics so easy to digest is smart. And to top it off, all of the lyrics still ring true and are as fresh as the day they were written.

If you haven’t heard صح النوم yet, you should. It’s amazing. Here is a bit about it from the Booklet:

People stand around the public square, awaiting full moon, petitions to build houses and shops in hand for the Wali to sign. The Wali wakes up only on such a day every month and signs three petitions only to preserve the state’s historical stamp.
Among the crowd, Krunful, petition in hand, waits for the Wali to stamp it. Six full moons had passed and her petition was not stamped yet. The Wali appears, as the moon rises in the sky. Cheers are heard as the traditional ceremonies start. People rush and place their petitions in front of the Wali who selects three, stamps them and being overcome by slumber goes back to sleep. When the square becomes deserted, Krunful who hid behind the Wali’s chair, steals the official stamp and stamps all petitions, then throws the stamp into an old empty well. Petitioners, seeing their petitions stamped, start working. A month passes by, the Wali wakes up and discovers the theft of the the stamp. Interrogations reveal that Krunful as the theif. She is sentenced to be tied to a wild horse and let loose for the rest of her life. But the sentence needed the stamp to validate it.


Tea Forte is available at The Nut Tree in Baitak tower. Tea Forte is a well known brand (if there was ever such a thing as a high end tea, it is this) I thought it was only available at Tea Art shop in AlMuthanna. Both shops are for the same owner.


In case God forbid any of you encounter a problem with a stuck accelerator pedal, this is how to solve the problem. Step on the breaks and turn the vehicle into neutral. If that didn’t work then turn off the engine.

Official Video




All NBK branches employees have this badge on and it’s about their salary transfer offer. Transfer your salary and get a chance to win KD5000. 8 winners weekly.

P.S. Guys don’t forget to give your friends who work at NBK a hard time for turning into walking ads. We’re doing our best with ours 😛


And this is a shirt for the same offer to go along with the badges. Not sure though who is supposed to wear it, but I’m guessing it’s for employees at the NBK kiosks in malls.


I finally got a new battery. It’s been an ongoing hassle for months now with the laptop and it’s old dead battery. I don’t know why it died and I’m not sure what to do to protect the new battery. The laptop feels better when you don’t worry about accidentally unplugging the charger and have your laptop go dead while working (by working I mean surfing amazon and looking at blogs).

Thanks Mishary for the battery and the long bill that came along with it 😛