Ok, so yesterday there was this woman attending an art class at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in newyork, and while she was near one of the paintings, it happened to be Picasso’s “The Actor” painting, she fell on it and caused a 6 inch tear to the painting. “The Actor” is worth an estimated 130 Million. The woman went to court and was sentenced to 70 years in jail.

Nah! that last part is a joke 😛 But imagine if it was you who fell and tore the painting. I’d die on the spot.


Thanks Taymoor




Last week’s sentence was carried out and he was executed this morning.

“Ali Hassan al-Majid was notorious for the gassing of more than 5,000 Kurds in 1988 and other brutal campaigns”

“Majid first ordered the use of chemical weapons – mustard gas, sarin and VX – in 1987, culminating in the attack on Halabja. By the end of the Kurdish campaign in 1988 about 4,000 villages had been destroyed, an estimated 180,000 Kurds killed and about 1.5 million deported. He was nicknamed Chemical Ali by Iraqi Kurds, who also called him the Butcher of Kurdistan” – Guardian

Thanks Khalid




Kuwait Stock Exchange have announced today that Kout Food Group have signed a contract with Yum Brands Inc, to develop and open Taco Bell restaurants in Kuwait. According to the contract, the company will open 15 Taco Bell restaurants all over Kuwait City in the next 3 years.

Thanks Fawaz & Taymoor



We’ve been contacted by a young Kuwaiti girl who is starting her own fitness class for weightloss and getting in shape. Read below if you’re interested:

“Hi I’m Duaa Husain, I’m a 22 year old, Kuwaiti girl. I’m a black belt 3 Dan kyokushin karate player, i’ve been practicing karate for 17 years and participated in many tournaments locally, internationally, and world tournaments. I have a passion for fitness.

I’m starting my own fitness class for women. The class is for women only with a purpose of losing weight and getting in shape. This class is not like the usual classes we see in gyms; its very intense, using only bodyweight with no equipments. At the end of each month, members of the class will participate in challanges to test their fitness and weightloss progression.

If you’re ready to push yourself! commit! and see real results this is the class for you!!!

The class takes place at AL Danah Bilingual School in salwa block 1, street 100. Class is held every sunday, tuesday, and thursday from 6pm to 7pm. I urge each member to attend 10 minutes earlier for regestration. Next month’s session begins on February 9th.”

1 month= 100 KD
1 day tryout= 10 KD

For more information contact:
mobile: 97505709
email: q8bfit@hotmail.com


I’m sure most of you are annoyed out of your mind by flies when you’re outdoor, and so are we. We tried everything but nothing works better than this thing pictured above. All you need to do is pour some in a plate and place it somewhere close. The pesticide that looks like brown sugar attract the flies and once they get a taste, they’re doomed. It works wonderfully.

How does it work:
“The insect, attracted by the sugary granules and the sex pheromone contained in the bait, licks them and gets rapidly poisoned.”

This is how it should look like awhile later, LINK.

I got it from Abdali Co op, but I’m sure you can find it somewhere closer if you looked.

We tried something else that did not work


This guy is my favorite late show entertainer. Ironically he’s been taken off the air and replaced by Jay Leno because the ratings sucked and he wasn’t pulling in the numbers, yet his final show pulled in a record breaking numbers. Do you think people watched his final show coz they knew they’re gonna miss him? or to gloat and watch him take his last breath on NBC’s late night shows.

Either way, He’ll be back soon, hopefully! Yep I’m a fan of his.


There is this guy who is so obsessed with Nicolas Cage to the point that he started a blog and is photoshopping Cage’s face onto everyone else’s. The blogger is committed to his project and he believes that his blog is “Founded on the belief that everything in life would be better with a little more Nic Cage, the most unique and versatile actor of his generation.”

The blogger explained his love for Nicolas Cage:
“It began when it was brought to my attention that I was ‘obsessed’ with Nic Cage, meaning that I brought him up in conversation nearly everyday in our carpool. I think he’s a fascinating and unique actor, even when he’s in big budget films that people don’t necessarily deem ‘good.’ The great thing about Nic Cage is that, like in his films, no matter ‘who he is,’ he’s still essentially Nic Cage.”

Nicolas Cage was told about this blogger and the project. Cage’s comment:
“I think it’s genius and I am deeply honored.”

Check out Nic Cage as Everyone





Giorgio Armani will be opening the first Armani Hotel in Dubai, in Burj Khalifa, on the 18th of march 2010.

“Covering 40,000 square meters, the prestigious Armani Hotel Dubai will feature 160 guestrooms and suites, an Armani/SPA, a Private Members’ Club, five restaurants and a nightclub. In addition, it will boast 144 exquisite one and two bedroom Armani Residences.

“Located in Burj Dubai, the tallest tower in the world, the Armani Residences Dubai will be at the heart of Downtown Burj Dubai development, with access to The Dubai Mall, breathtaking views of The Dubai Fountain and many other attractions.”

For reservations Armani Hotels

Thanks Om Hamoody


I love having toffee nut latte from starbucks and I look forward to it every year around november, it’s only available around christmas time, but there is a thing they do that annoys me.

The Toffee nut latte is different from regular lattes because they add 2 more ingredients. Only 2 things they add to transform this normal latte into a toffee nut latte. These 2 things are the toffee nut syrup, and the crunchy toffee sprinkles that they sprinkle on top. My problem is, the sprinkles has ran up, it’s out of stock in both of the two branches that I go to, but when I’m placing my order they don’t bother informing me that they no longer carry the sprinkles, they just go ahead, charge me the full amount and start preparing the toffee nut latter minus one of the two main ingredients.

If these 2 ingredients are what makes it a different drink, how can they take one out without informing the customer? This has happened the last year as well. Why not take it off the menu then?

I called some of the branches (all of Kuwait’s 71 branches are listed HERE) and I couldn’t find the sprinkles in any of the ones I called. I asked and one of the employees said “It’s been out of stock for over 2 weeks now” Another employee said “it’s out of stock for a week. Try one of the smaller branches some may still have them.”

I just wanted to know why are they still selling them if they’re missing 1 of the 2 ingredients. Eventually I called this one starbucks employee who was nice enough to get straight to the point “We’re trying to finish what is left of the toffee nut latte syrups and sprinkles because we should be done with this promotional drink by the 26th.. We’re having an offer on the syrup as well, it used to be KD3 and now it’s for KD1.250.”

So they’ve been selling their halfhearted promotional drink because they want to get rid of the remaining syrups before the deadline.




We were in AlSeif Mall in Bahrain having breakfast and we saw a big cellophane sheet being put up across the main area of the mall, and people gathered around it to paint. We observed as old and young people started painting. My friend and I couldn’t wait to get our hands on some brushes, so we went there, grabbed a couple of brushes, chose the colors and started painting. I think we did a good job!


Where I work I have to use the elevator in the parking everyday. The elevator is big and could fit well over 7 people, which is good, considering we’re always in a hurry to get to work or back to our cars. So, I, being the great person that I am, always let the ladies get in and out first.

One time, as I was waiting for the elevator, a nice lady waiting next to me talked to me and told me “I always see you letting the girls in first. You shouldn’t do that, they’re unappreciative” I couldn’t agree more. Some of you girls are just pathetic. (Keyword: Some)

When I show the common courtesy of allowing a lady to enter an elevator before I do, it by no means indicates that it’s alright for some idiots waiting for the elevator to pass me, and fill the elevator, leaving me stranded without a lift!

I don’t know why some of the girls don’t get the concept behind this nice thing, some of the men, do. My willingness to let you in first does not mean I’m willing to wait for the next elevator, and it does not mean I enjoy letting you in first.. It just mean that I’m willing to let one woman go in ahead of me out of politeness. It’s not an open invitation for all the ignorant women waiting behind me to stampede their way in!

If you were ever behind a guy who was waiting for the elevator ahead of you:

  1. STAY behind him.
  2. WAIT for him to let you in first.
  3. DON’T crowd the elevator entrance.
  4. BE THANKFUL when someone let’s you in first!

Some of the girls make me think twice before being polite again! It’s no wonder that common courtesy isn’t so common anymore! God!


Yeah I got a food poisinging from eating one of the tenderest meats ever at Meat Co. in Bahrain.

The food was great and the service was great. But then after going to sleep that night, I woke up with an equally great stomach pains, followed by lots of visits to the toilet and then a fever to end my weekend on a high note.

I went to the hospital and got a drip with 2 different medications and some pills. My other friends who ate with me in Meat company all had different orders, except this one friend, we ordered the same main course, it was dish was recommended by the waiter.

^This is the dish we had, taken from their online menu.

We paid 19 BD for a poisonous main course. Oh well atleast it tasted phenomenal.


Saddam Hussein’s cousin “Chemical Ali” was convicted today of crimes against humanity, receiving a death sentence for his involvement in a poison gas attack on Halabja.

He was sentenced to hang in June 2007 for his role in a military campaign against ethnic Kurds. Majeed also received a death sentence in December 2008 for his role in crushing a Shi’ite revolt after the 1991 Gulf War and another in March 2009 for his involvement in killing and displacing Shi’ite Muslims in 1999.



Most of us if not all know about Showaiter Sweets from Bahrain. Showaiter Sweets is Bahrain’s trademark, and you just can’t go to Bahrain without passing by and buy some Halwa for you relatives. And I always wanted to see the factory. I’ve seen how they make the Halwa on tv, but I had to go to the factory this time. I just had to. I asked around and learned Read the rest of this entry »




We had a meeting a few weeks back, along with a couple of bloggers, with the people at Zain. We were told about this new payment method, among other interesting things. Read what is OnePay below, and if you have any question regarding OnePay, type your question in the comments box and we’ll have someone answering them for you!

“Zain have launched today a new web service under the name “Zain OnePay”. This new payment gateway unifies the previous three different payment options on Zain’s website (QuickPay, eeZee Fast, and eeZee cards). Once you enter your mobile number it will automatically identify your line type (Postpaid or Prepaid) and then leads you to the best options available for your mobile number. Add to that, the change in transaction speed; much faster now!”

The picture and what’s in bold were shamelessly stolen from Blog37


New blog aggregator in town. Bloggers add your blogs & readers bookmark Botamba!

Nice name by the way (Botamba means ‘fat person’. It can be used for both men and women) very Kuwaiti.

First seen on Blog37 & Frankom.


I was in Bahrain this past weekend and I found these 2 dishdashas by Jill Sander at villa moda.

The white one is for 210 KD and the black is 256 KD.


The UK gourmet chocolatier and cocoa grower is opening up it’s first branch in Kuwait in AlKoot mall.

Thanks M7


I just read this interesting story about potato chips. Now, let’s see… Back in 1853, a chef named George Crum was working at a resort in New York and He served french fries on that restaurant. The french fries were somewhat new to the scene then, it was popular in France since the early 1700’s but was brought to America by Thomas Jefferson in the late 1700’s coz he was appointed as an ambassador to France then. Anyway.

The chef on one of those nights had a customer ordering french fries only to return them once they arrived to his table, claiming the fries were too thick for his taste. The chef did another batch of fries, thinner this time, but then again the customer wasn’t satisfied with the second batch either. The chef was furious and wanted to teach that customer a lesson, so he made a special super thin and crispy fries so the customer won’t be able to handle them with a fork. The chef’s revenge plan did not work the way he intended, the customer was extremely happy with the crispy paper-thin fries. Other customers who saw that dish started ordering the new kind of potato chips too. The new thin potato chips soon appeared on the restaurant’s menu as house specialty.


Amazon.com Inc is to sell its larger Kindle electronic reader, aimed at students, businesspeople and newspaper readers, in more than 100 countries for $489, following the rollout of its original device last year.Source

Do you think there is a market for it in Kuwait?

Personally, I can’t buy this device. It wouldn’t be healthy for my wallet. I have plenty of books I bought from abroad and they’re all waiting on my bookshelf to be read. I just can’t afford having this device and the access to the huge selection of books.

But then again, for book lovers this would be their savior. We all know the state of bookshops in Kuwait. This might be heaven sent for them if it reached and worked in Kuwait.