Leopard DVD

The Guy who fixed my laptop gave me an amazing tip!

the original Leopard OS DVD, even the 1 license version, can be used and installed on countless of laptops! yes! COUNTLESS! and the proof…. I’ve used my friend’s copy on my laptop, and I am now A proud new user of the most advanced OS 😛





Its Back! Shinier and faster than ever! 😀 not to mention a harddisk boost from 60gb to 120gb. turned out my harddisk decided to die on me and all it needed was a new one. I’m glad its back!




Kids! don’t try this at home!

looks about right and ready for the oven..

getting started!
Pizza-Getting started

looks good! yummm..
Pizza-looking good


oh well
Pizza-Burned & Eaten

I was hungry!


My laptop is in a coma at the moment (since yesterday). it finally gave up. I’m gonna take it to an Apple shop to fix it.

I’m currently using my friend’s Macbook. I still can’t believe how he didn’t hesitate for second when I jokingly asked him to lend me his laptop! he said yes immediately…

all I wanna say now is, Thank You! Thanks a lot dear loco.

Note to loco: your screen is amazing!!!! (BAL!)


Raffles Hotel

We went to Asha’s today for dinner me and my friend. Dubai’s Asha’s is much better than Kuwait’s. You’ve got to try it out whenever you’re in dubai.

The picture on top is of Wafi’s new hotel, Raffles. it is shaped like a pyramid to go with the whole Egyptian feel of the mall and spa.

Here are some more infos on the hotel:

-the regular double-bed room costs 2500Dhs.
-11 restaurants are about to open. 2 already did.
-within walking distance from the mall and the spa.
-looks phenomenal!


I was in my apartment the other day watching tv. my computer was sitting peacefully on its own tray when I decided to lift the tray from the table and bring it close to my lap. thats when it happened… this is so hard to talk about *cries* my laptop slipped from the tray and fell… yes fell to the table!! and things aren’t the same ever since!

the computer at first was acting weird and producing some weird noises, then it froze for like 10 minutes and finally it stopped working and was like (………….), nothing, no sound no nothing. I tried restarting it but the cursor refused to move. so I pressed the power button until the screen went BLACK.

The next 3 hours were one of the worst hours in human history! the computer wouldn’t startup and whenever I manage to turn it on, a very tiny question mark would appear in the middle of the screen…. I kept restarting for 3 hours. no results. and just when I was about to give up, it sprung back to life. poor little computer. now it takes me a MINIMUM of 20-30 minutes to start it up after each shutdown (it won’t comeback after sleep-mode so I have to shut it down each time).

20-30 minutes for a start up! can you imagine that? looking at the symptoms, one can conclude that the laptop is suffering from a major memory lose and schizophrenia (faqad ithakera), it forgot what it is and now it thinks its a windows!

Marvin the Martian    
This is what Marvin had to say about the ongoing issue



We’ve been waiting for 7+ days now, and still no sign of us on that list… 

How much longer will it take!!!?

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Fast Food

one of the hardest things I face for being a student abroad and a thing I’m yet to get accustomed to, is FOOD!

Since I don’t like to spend hours preparing and cooking just to have a nice meal that lasts less than 20 minutes! I submitted to a greater power and been ordering food like crazy for the past 3 years. and since I have to keep eating something different everyday just to keep myself interested in life! I found myself wasting much much time on this daily annoying issue of thinking about what to eat!

today for example.. I have to study, so I have to get the food issue out of my mind and schedule. I ended up asking my friend what to eat. Hardee’s and KFC are no longer an option for me, atleast for 2-3 days to come. major overload.

would it be so bad if I got someone to cook for me! actually I don’t need anyone to cook for me, I just want someone I can boss around, someone I can send to do my grocery, cut the veggies, boil the water, heat the oil, prepare the dishes, clean the meats, prepare the ma3booch, pick up the dirty dishes AND washes them. thats all!

is this too much?

PS I just ordered from BK.





and I intend to miss the next class as well. I have an exam tomorrow.. got to study.

you know the feeling of missing a class? you know when there is something you’re not supposed to do, and you end up doing it anyway? I love that feeling! but I hate it when the night comes and I start to think “I missed a class today!”. oh well, I’m gonna enjoy it for now, coz at night I’m going to be busy studying for tomorrow’s exam.




Gulf Bank


Online Banking is not available from 12:00 to 3:00


How convenient.


Posted By Yousef


Is there anyone left who haven’t had a problem with Aramex? I assure you, there are NONE! Every person with the slightest interest in having their packages arrive on time, as promised, must’ve had a problem with this company. Either because of their below zift customer service or their nonexistent sense of time!

just 2 days ago, I received an email from them telling me they’re going to raise their rates here in the emirates too. First Kuwait now the emirates. I’ve never ever seen a company that thrives with bad feedbacks! And now they think they’re entitled for a raise??

Anyway, I was reading their email and one thing just made me real mad. Our goal at SHOP&SHIP is to provide the highest level of quality & customer service while offering the best shipping options available.

One thing led to another, and I ended up replying to them with the following:

your goal is not to provide the highest level of quality and customer service. the only thing you aspire to is to do a mediocre job and cash in on your temporary novelty!

I based my negative opinion because of the following:

1-You never delivered a package without calling me and taking my whole address all over again. each time there is a package, your guys call me and let me instruct them and give every detail about where I live. (you’d think they’d refer to their past delivery details. but I guess thats “Good enough” service for you).

2-Whenever there is a problem, I either wait a very long time on hold & transfers between your personnel, or there is absolutely no one in the shop and ship department.

3-One time you lost my package, I’ve waited a very long time for it to arrive with NO luck, finally I complained, and they told me to bring something to prove my purchase, and so I did. they compensated me eventually… then… around 3 months later, my lost package magically arrived!

4-And after all this, you email me saying you’re gonna raise your rates???? and you actually wrote in the email that your goal is highest quality and customer service?!?REALITY CHECK ASAP!!!



The new Mac OS ‘Leopard’ will be officially released within less than an hour. some pre-orders have been already shipped and some even got it and installed it. everybody is praising it at the moment.

we’ve been hearing and reading about it for a long time now, we can’t wait to get our copy and install it. some of the best features that I personally can’t wait to experience and enjoy are:

-Time Machine.
-Quick Look.
-and ofcourse the overall feeling of having the most advanced OS in our hands!


Posted By: Yousef.

I had subway for dinner today. I ate 3 different 6″! chicken teriyaki, steak & cheese AND B.M.T. which stands for Best meat tatse! thats one hell of a misleading name for a sandwich, it was awful! after that I took my the last antibiotic capsule I have left…does this mean I should be feeling good and cured by now? not necessarily!

anyway, I had a very strong craving for some dessert right afterward! now the one thing that is known about my eating habits, is that I don’t like/care for dessert that much. but this time it was a bit weird! I was looking all around for some chocolates!

and look what I’ve found in the fridge!


and its finally the WEEKEND!! I must be in heaven! 😀




Where is that sound coming from?!

after much searching and looking around I finally found the source of that annoying sound! the bathroom is leaking. and not any kind of leak, it was leaking from the ceiling! but wait there is more, the water is actually coming from the light bulb in the bathroom’s ceiling!

I called the doorman/janitor and told him about it. he said it must be coming from the A/C’s machine, which is located right above that ceiling. he told me he’s going to call the A/C’s company and that they’re going to be here first thing in the morning.



My friend who didn’t bother to attend the class today, is now in one of Dubai’s malls, God knows which one this time. He saw Nawal, the Singer. I told him to get off his butt and go talk to her 😀  

will be reporting more on this shortly. stay tuned! 


ok, my friend just smsed me and unfortunately he couldn’t find her again.




My friend woke me up at 11 when I’m supposed to get up at 2. but its alright, he did me a favor earlier.. so its alright..  I took my antibiotics, panadols, allergy pill and went back to sleep. 1 hour later I got up again.. I couldn’t sleep anymore. there was this very annoying pain in my chest, just below my neck.. I was coughing and coughing a lot. finally and before I knew it, yesterday’s dinner went down the drain. :mrgreen:

I’m a bit dizzy now. am I supposed to take my medicines all over again? or were they already in the blood stream when the woosh occurred?



Is north always north? even if you’re literally in the north pole? where does the compass point when you’re there? 

something to think about 🙂 


Mishary wants to upgrade the blog to have its own domain.. we haven’t been blogging for 5 minutes and now he want an upgrade!!!!
there sure is a long bumpy road ahead of us! and I CAN’T wait 😀


well, he went ahead and did it. Surprisingly, I’m happy with it 😀 




we’re trying things out right now.. me and my partner (la billlaah tewafagt). 

keep checking back for more 😀