This is fun I’d love to start a trip this way one day!


The above interview was with a guy whose sister was assaulted and almost raped by an intruder. A serious matter. Now, some very creative people managed to turn that serious interview into an instant internet hit by editing and auto-tuning the clip. Must watch!

Original video here


I saw this steak at sultan center last weekend and I was thinking of buying one. The box contains only 1 steak each steak is priced at KD8.5. The price and the packaging were tempting.. Has anyone tried them before?

I’m craving a great home grilled steak!


When Singore Sassi first opened in Kuwait we loved it. I even praised it in one of my reviews. It was a great new italian restaurant on the Kuwaiti scene. Unfortunately, as is the case with every Americana owned restaurant, quality control and food’s quality overall isn’t one of their concerns, and they let this amazing italian restaurant spiral down as the days went by.

It’s a shame in my opinion. I’ve been giving it a lot of chances, 3 chances actually in the past 2 months and it has failed to serve a decent meal in all of the last 3 visits. Today, we had it with the place, the last straw as they say, we’re done and aren’t going back there.

  1. It was with the risotto fungi which is a dish we used to enjoy at Sassi’s. Today it tasted like it was something off a magi ready made mix.
  2. It was with one of Sassi’s special dishes, the grilled sole fillet. It tasted weird. I don’t know how to describe it, but you know how a tea-soaked biscuit comes a part when lifted? it was like that. It wasn’t fresh.
  3. I left a comment card and the manager called me as we were leaving the parking area. In his apology speech he mentioned that the sole was indeed not-so-fresh, as they’ve changed their source and their attempts to get fresh fish all failed. They’re planning to take it off the menu because of the complaints and the ‘unfreshness’ issue. They had me order eat and pay for this unworthy dish that they all knew had to be taken off the menu.

The 3 points above were only regarding today’s visit. I think 3 chances, hoping that things would turn around, are more than enough. Evidently they don’t care enough to maintain a certain standard when it comes to food quality, and they probably think we have tongues made out of rubber and can’t tell the difference between good food and bad food.

What a shame.


^The reason behind some of the delays we encounter every now and then!





I didn’t try this one yet. Let us know if this hack really works on elevators.




We got a message from Fahad² saying Fatburger is now open, and that they’re serving everything free of charge. My friends and I wanted to try it out, but we hesitated thinking it’d be packed since it’s their first day and that everything was free. We worried we’d find a huge line and end up wasting the rest of the day waiting. We ended up going there anyway. There was no line and the place was about 50% full.

This is my first time at Fatburger. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do, sit at a table and wait for the waiter? Go and order from the counter? I wasn’t sure, so I let my friend lead the way, and he led us to the counter. We ordered and waited at the table.

The waiters were extremely welcoming and enthusiastic, which was fun. Even when they yelled our orders as we were heading to the table. They do that, they get your order and yell it out to the rest of the team, and then all the team yell it right back. It was kinda awkward coz I ordered the double fatburger and everybody got to know about it. But then again they yelled everyone’s order.. many people got the double fatburger, which made me less self conscious 😛

Anyway, here is the deal. I don’t want to sound harsh. I seriously don’t. But I found the burger.. OK. The burger was nice, the bun was cold, the relish stood out with the mustard, and the mayo was bland. It overall didn’t meet my expectations. It’s better than Fudds’s, better than most places with burgers, but doesn’t come close to Johnny’s. Thats what I thought. Don’t get me wrong, I’d go there again, I enjoyed it, didn’t fall in love with it though.. I thought it was a nice juicy burger.

The fries was ok, too. I’d wait for the chili cheese fries since it was marked ‘coming soon’ on the menu. Oh, and there was a little problem mistake with the burgers, some were over seasoned, and turned out salty, and some were under-seasoned and lacked salt. Considering they’re still pretty new and have just opened, mistakes like these shouldn’t take long to be corrected and mastered.

The highlight was the Vanilla Milkshake. It rocked. Took me by surprise actually. I loved it and thought it was worth driving to Mahboola even if you weren’t in the mood for burgers.

We had a little chat with the owner, Mr. Nawaf, who was extremely nice and polite even when we criticised some of the things we ate. He explained that their Vanilla shake is made from a Kuwait made vanilla icecream. The icecream is brought over from 360’s Life with Cacao (same owners). Which really made sense to me, since I’ve had their vanilla icecream when I went there, and I completely and utterly loved it. I kept praising and recommending it to whoever is going there, coz it was perfect. Actually I was surprised that such an amazing icecream was made in Kuwait. You have to try it. Hat’s off to you guys for this amazing recipe.

To wrap things up, their burger is good, many of you will love it, I’ve had better in Kuwait, but overall it was a nice change.

Fatburger is now open everyday from 5pm to midnight. They’re located in Mahboola at Spoons food mall.


I noticed this billboard on Fahaiheel Highway as I was taking the 5th ring road exit. I’m not sure if the message was clearly conveyed, or if the company’s name was clear enough for the speeding cars, but nevertheless I liked it, I thought it was very eye catching.

We’re getting better billboards now, have you noticed this past year? I’m enjoying the creative ones.. Especially the ones with extra stuff sticking out of them, you know? I like those.



We were all in the chalet when we discovered that my brother’s birthday was only hours away (we were reminded by the birthday boy himself by the way), so my friend and I went to Fhaiheel and got him a cake.

Happy Birthday Hamad 😛


I’m proud of my friend. So proud actually and would like to share with you this post (taken from Blog: العرزالــــــه)

قبل أكثر من ٣ شهور، طلبت مع بعض الاصدقاء وجبة عشاء من احد المطاعم، الاكل كان طيب لكنا صدمنا في النهاية بوجود حشره في احد الاطباق. اوقفنا تناول الطعام واتصلت بالمطعم ثم تحدثت الى مديره اللبناني وذكرت له الحادثه. تقبل كلامي مشكورا واحتفظت بصورة الحشره دون ان اذكر اسم المطعم لاحد.٩
قبل يومين علمت أن السيد عيسى العيسى سيقوم بمحاضرة موظفي ذلك المطعم. بعثت له بالصورة وطلبت منه تنبيههم. بعد فترة قصيره جائني اتصال من صاحب المطعم السيد حمود الربيعان. الرجل كان بغاية الادب، استفسر عن الموضوغ فذكرته له وبانني اتصلت بمديره اللبناني. في البدايه استغرب مشددا بان ليس لديهم مسؤول لبناني لكنه قدم عميق اعتذاره واستعداده لتعويضي مع انني ابلغته بان ماوجدته كان داخل احد الخضراوات المقفله..اي ان ذلك الامر كان من الممكن ان يحصل مع اي مطعم بما فيه مطابخ البيوت!٩
اغلقت التلفون ورجعت الى اصحابي للتأكد من اسم المطعم..بصراحه شككني! كان الرد المفاجيء بان اسم المطعم قريب من اسم مطعم السيد الربيعان..يعني ظلمت الرجل وهني توهقت الصراحه! لكني قررت معاودة الاتصال بالرجل وتوضيح اللبس والاعتذار منه مهما كانت النتائج او ردة فعله. الرجل رد بكل احترام وسعة صدر ولكن المفاجأة كانت بارساله لسائق المطعم مع كوبونات مجانيه لتناول مالذ وطاب من الاكل الياباني! ريال تكلمه عن مطعمه وتطلع المعلومه غلط ويكون رده مكافأتك..أي ذكاء وأي مهارة تسويقيه والاهم أي حسن تربيه طغت على حس التاجر المادي الموجود لدى الكثير من الاشخاص الآخرين؟٩
مافعله السيد حمود الربيعان سيظل في الذاكره كمثال حي على الطبع الكويتي الاصيل الذي لايهزه الدينار ولا المكاسب المؤقته..متمنيا أن يشكل مثالا يقتدي به بقية شبابنا وبناتنا عند خوضهم لهذا المجال، وفق الله الجميع ورزقهم من فضله.


Basically this person from العرزالــــــه ordered from a restaurant 3 months ago and found a bug in their veggies. He took a photo of the bug and called the restaurant up to complain to their Labenese manager who in turn took the complaint in and apologized for the mistake. He kept the picture to himself and didn’t use it. 3 months later, a couple of days ago, العرزالــــــه guy found out that there was a seminar about quality control held by Mr Eissa Al-Eissa at that same restaurant, so he sent the bug photo to the restaurant and asked them to be sure not to repeat that same mistake. A while later he got a phone call from the restaurant’s owner, Humood AlRubaian. The owner was polite and inquired about the whole incident, he was surprised about the Lebanese manager bit, since Humood never had a lebanese for a manager working for Oishii Sushi, but nevertheless he apologized, deeply, and offered compensation.

العرزالــــــه guy was wondering about the lebanese manager bit, so he went to his friends to asked them about the restaurant’s name, only to find out that there was a mix up, and that the restaurant with the Bug incident wasn’t Oishii Sushi, but another one that had a name that sounded like to Oishii (maybe similar pronunciation or something).

He regretted what he’s done and called Humood again to clear the whole thing up, only to find him even more respectful and understanding, and finally the shock came when he found out that Humood has sent him free vouchers to try out Oishii Sushi.

I’m very proud of Humood, who is a friend of mine, and I can’t believe how well he reacted to this whole thing. I don’t think I would’ve reacted the same way.

How would you handle such a situation?

Thanks العرزالــــــه


Some people in Russia wanted to promote their parasailing business when they landed on this idiotic idea: Tie a donkey to a parachute and force it to parasail! And you know what? They actually went ahead with their plan, dragging the donkey upward, screaming, for half an hour then landed the poor thing into the water in a horrific manner only to be pulled out of the water half alive.

The people behind this idea are facing charges that could lead to a maximum punishment of up to 2 years.



Making Fruit Tartlets

We were at Marks & Spencers at 360 when we saw the tarlets cups and the ready made creme filling mix. It was a wednesday, the day before chalet day, and on that day everything looks appetizing and sounds like a good idea for the weekend. So we bought 2 packets of each, and my friend went to dean and deluca on thursday and got the fresh fruits from there. It was so simple and surprisingly.. Click to continue reading + pictures


Let me first begin with: Yes, there is a problem with the reception. coz thats what everybody asks whenever they see the iPhone with me. But it’s not a big problem, calls don’t get dropped everytime I use it, actually I had a call drop only once, so far.

Anyway, Hamad ordered 2 iPhone Bumper cases for him and me and we just got them yesterday. The case works perfectly.

1- solves the reception problem 100%.
2- doesn’t bulk up the phone, actually it is unnoticeable.
3- every button is accessible.

Covers the silver line around the iPhone.

All in all I’d say go for Bumper coz it does what it is made for very nicely.

Thanks Hamad




I just got my new iPhone 4! Mom and Dad bought it and sent it with Mishary and I just got it. I love it. I bought Angry Birds, although I finished the game on my friend’s iPhone, but I love it and had to have it.

I cancelled the Blackberry service today thinking I wouldn’t miss it but.. I do. I miss the bbm groups mostly, and the rumors, maybe some of the jokes too.

I’m gonna spend the next couple of days filling it up with lots of apps and games. Suggestions? Mishary?

Thanks Mom & Dad


Have you ever tried getting a taxi at Kuwait’s airport? Di you try getting one at 3am when there was a line that went from here —– to there? Well my friend and I did just that the other day when we came back from our little getaway this past weekend. It wasn’t a pleasant experience getting a taxi in Kuwait, not at all.

Bear with me, I have lots to say. And if I come off unorganized, just know that I didn’t get much sleep last night.

We arrived late because one of the airplane’s “felanges” had some problems and the pilot wasn’t sure if it was safe to take off so he had to return back from the runway to the parking area to have it checked.

We arrived around an hour late and were rushing out of the airport to look for a taxi. No friend no matter how good he is would pick us up at 3am, especially on a working day. The problem was we didn’t know where to look for taxis, we didn’t know where taxis normally line, or if there were taxis at this hour in Kuwait’s airport to begin with. To our surprise we found a Go Green Taxi’s waiting line (one that went from here to there). We waited inline and parked our bags next to us. The line was mainly made of expats, and only 3 Kuwaitis: Me, My friend, and one other man who couldn’t wrap his mind around the waiting-inline concept. No matter how many times I mentioned that there was line and he should stick to it (7ajjy ako 6aboor.. 9of bildor), he just kept standing in front of the line and waving at every taxi he sees. Thank God no taxi paid attention to him. (he looked like mar3oob by the way)

The waiting went for well over 30 minutes because there simply were no taxis available. There was also a gap between every taxi and the other that stretched, sometimes, for an unnecessary 5 minutes. It was hectic waiting with all the hot weather and humidity, and it was even more hectic having to keep an eye on the brainless people who were all competing for ‘Man with least brain cells’ award.

When we finally were 2nd in line for a taxi, a taxi driver came along and decided to skip us all and go for the last person inline. The whole line was now looking at that last person inline, all in an attack mode. That person looked around, feeling like he was about to do something wrong, then looked at us. He stopped in his place once he noticed our blazing gazes. The taxi driver then motioned him over while yelling ‘yalla!!.’ That person then decided to lift his bags and head towards the taxi. I couldn’t contain myself and yelled at them both. I yelled first at the guy with the bags, which made him re-plant his bags on the ground, and look at me with bewildered eyes. “wenta ma9adagt nadaak chan tarketh! Mako door o naas 9aafa gablik?!” I said. He said some words that were carefully chosen to sound as innocent as possible. I ignored him and his lame excuse and yelled at the driver to pull back from the end of the line to the front to pick the lady who is rightfully the first in line. The English speaking lady thanked me and my friend and took that taxi.

Our turn finally came. Our long awaited savior had arrived. But our savior was old and sleepy. He also wanted to know where we’re heading before we could put our bags in the trunk. Mar3oob was still there, infront of the line waving for taxis and asking us “entaw lail7een hnee?” The shock came when my friend and I were about to get in the taxi. The driver was asking other people in line if “anyone else was going to Mishref, or some area close to Mishref.” The car wasn’t a van or a big car, it was an old crown victoria. Why the hell was he asking other people to join in!? I, again, yelled, and refused to share the car with anyone else. But the taxi driver turned to me and with the nicest way possible he plead “Laish ya weldy.. khalna entarazag Allah… Afa 3alaik bs.. lik 3alay awa9elkom awal nas… afa 3alaik..etc.” I knew I couldn’t argue with the old driver, he was nice and looked too old to have me refuse his plea. I couldn’t help but shrug this whole situation off and surrender. I went to the car, got in, and waited next to my friend. A couple of seconds later the driver was helping another guy put his bags in the trunk.

10 minutes later we were home. 20 minutes later I was asleep. And then 2 hours later I was getting ready for work.


Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, you find an online travel agency that will arrange for your teddy bear to travel to europe.

It’s crazy I tell you. I mean this is an actual site where you can book a trip for your TOY (Hello!) to visit europe!! The guys will take care of your precious teddy and will send it back to you with pictures and souvenirs. Massages are also included in the pricier packages.

For 120€ you can send your toy to prague and have:

  1. Photographs on CD (ca. 30 pcs)
  2. Profile on Facebook/ Mixi
  3. Daily communication (by e-mail)
  4. Certificate of the tour with Toy traveling s.r.o.
  5. Passport
  6. Typical souvenir from Prague
  7. Massage (published on photographs)
  8. Original box with a pillow with printing

Toy Traveling




The brand new online food ordering service has finally launched. I just registered and I really liked the way they set the whole registering process. It was easy to navigate and the whole thing looks really good. They also launched an iPhone App to go along with it.

Check it out:


One word: Shallah 7aaaadik!

ok 2 words 😛

The last word somehow reminds me of this kid and the way he says blooduh.


I remember that I almost drowned once, back in 1990, and I was ‘saved’ by my brother, who later amused everybody by throwing jokes at my expense. I remember that I didn’t yell or scream for help, I just kept flaling my hands in the air as I swallowed more and more water and gasped for air, if you were there and saw me you’d see a kid splashing water and looking up at the sky, you wouldn’t really be alarmed if you were 10 meters away.

That memory was brought about when I read the aricle below. It’s about drowning people, and how they don’t look like they’re drowning. This article must be read, you could save a life one day.


“The new captain jumped from the cockpit, fully dressed, and sprinted through the water. A former lifeguard, he kept his eyes on his victim as he headed straight for the owners who were swimming between their anchored sportfisher and the beach. “I think he thinks you’re drowning,” the husband said to his wife. They had been splashing each other and she had screamed but now they were just standing, neck-deep on the sand bar. “We’re fine, what is he doing?” she asked, a little annoyed. “We’re fine!” the husband yelled, waving him off, but his captain kept swimming hard. ”Move!” he barked as he sprinted between the stunned owners. Directly behind them, not ten feet away, their nine-year-old daughter was drowning. Safely above the surface in the arms of the captain, she burst into tears, “Daddy!” Read the rest of the article


According to IMDB it’s set to be released in october. I personally can’t wait! I loved the first one. I know lots of people hated it, but I thought it was very realistic and spooky. I hope this one stays up to the first one’s standards.