Today i was searching in Amazon.com the word KUWAIT and i found this seller who’s selling a real KD 1/4 for a $4 !! (which equals KD 1.100) wallah 7arameeeey !! gas 3al awadem el mal3ooon ! πŸ˜›

if you want to buy KD 1/4 which will cost you around KD6.500 (KD1.100 se3er el robo3 + KD2.900 shipping in US + KD2.500 Ship&Shop) click HERE.

P.S. if u want to get it in cheaper place just send me an email and im gonna sell u as much as u want and each one is gonna cost you KD 0.500 (( walah rekhs ! sij kesart sooog el bayaaa3 men KD6.500 lay KD1/2 πŸ˜› ))




The movie’s title was “The Golden Age”, a thing we never saw throughout the entire movie, there was no golden age in that movie. the whole freedom and prosperity were enjoyed after we left the theater, coz it ended when england prevailed. all we saw was the terror. the terror of a catholic king, trying to force the nations around him to submit to Christianity as He knew it, claiming its God’s will. see here is where the new (more efficient) form of terrorism first came to the scene IMO. not individual terrorist, not a group of people, But a whole nation of terrorists! killing and invading countries with the excuse of following God orders (more like following the nations’ interest imo). in the old age it was about whatever threatens Catholicism, and now its about what threatens certain nations’ national security… History repeats itself.. I guess..

Anyway! King philip of spain, a real catholic, wants to invade England and restore christianity in its most pure form. he’s doing so by plotting a very evil plan of letting Queen elizabeth execute Queen Mary of Scots (Mary Stewart) and by doing so, he’d find an excuse to invade and kill Q.Elizabeth. Mary was, according to the movie, writing secret letters to help plot the assassination of Queen Elizabeth. the letters were intercepted by Queen Elizabeth’s people and were eventually used against Mary, which ultimately led to a swift trial that ended with the beheading of Mary. And the war began.

overall I liked the movie and recommend it. I generally like movies that have historic events (I like them less if there were lots of killings), Cate blanchett did an oscar worthy job. She was nominated for an oscar in 1998 for the same part (this movie is a sequel, in case you don’t know).

Movie’s Site




The idea of its invention based on (centrifugal force?) “waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaih ayam el jam3a !!!” to produce a tray that is one-handed and spill proof. “shalaaaa 7adnaa 3ad ! naby 2 handed πŸ˜›

if you liked it and want this geeky tray you can order HERE its around KD 16.5



THE COLONY, Texas, Nov. 14 – Pizza Inn, Inc. (Nasdaq: PZZI) today announced the signing of a multi-unit development agreement to open 20 new Pizza Inn restaurants in the country of Kuwait. Pizza Inn, famous for its made from scratch crusts, has awarded a master license agreement to the Raja Company W.I.I., based in Kuwait City, Kuwait, in a continuation of the brand’s expansion throughout the Middle East and into Asia.

Competition is always welcomed πŸ™‚

More info click Here and if you dont know whats Pizza Inn click Here



We went, me and loco, to an egyptian restaurant, Grand Abu Shaqra. its my first time in Dubai’s branch, I went many times with my family and friends to Egypt’s branch. I liked it back then and I was curious as to how good its gonna be in Dubai. I remember loving their bΓ©chamel sauce.


We ordered many things.. loco ordered lentil soup (he always order soup for starters.. i7ib i7is inahwa birmothan). we shared makarona bil bΓ©chamel (which was amazing!). and then we ordered the main dishes πŸ˜› 2 white rice (shown above) and 2 tajins, molokhiya and bamya.

We liked it there (loco not so much). I liked the atmosphere (we sat out) and I liked the service. I would definitely go back there again πŸ™‚




A Woman found a lion infected in the forest and was about to die, She rescued him, It was then coordinate with the zoo to secure the right place to him.

This clip shows the lion reaction after 6 years without seeing the women.

My Thanks goes to Ahmad.






I loved using torrents when I first knew how to use them. but with time it got harder to find the files i want, especially with my service provider (Etisalat) blocking every useful website out there (they blocked flickr. the reason? still unknown!). I gotta finally find a way to change provider to the Simply Switch, like everybody around.

But now with the new Xtorrent, I can search for the files without looking for any torrent’s site, it has a built in search engine to find the best possible torrents. I just launch Xtorrent, type in the file I want and I’m done!

Search Everywhere,
Easily Xtorrent is all about search. Type keywords in and the results show up right in Xtorrent. One click later and you’re downloading your content. It’s ridiculously easy… and it’s only in Xtorrent.


Source: Xtorrent



we were still in sheikh zayed’s road at 7:25, so obviously we weren’t going to catch the check-in’s dead line (7:30). I told my sister in law to call the airport just to check if there were any delays on their plane’s schedule.. we were desperate! and my brother prayed for their flight to get delayed by 1 hour. and what do you know!! his prayers got answered! their flight was indeed delayed until 9:30! which means their check-in’s dead line was also pushed an hour to 8:30!

We called the airport again to check if the check-in too was open for an extra hour, just in case, and they said YES. so, now that we can finally breath better and take our time, we thought of using the extra time to go for a quick dinner at The Noodle House in the emirates towers. that plan was immediately shot down by my brother, “we don’t have much time!” he said.. πŸ˜€ saj wallah! lol *i don’t know what we were thinking, I guess we were just so happy with the delay*

at 8 o’clock we were at the airport saying our goodbyes. I called loco on my way back and told him all about the deadlines and how it all worked out at the end. 20 minutes later I was very close to my apartment and then.. BANG! I got this sms from my brother “we missed the plane”. I immediately called him and it turned that although the plane’s departure time was pushed back for an hour, the checkin time stayed the same!! it stayed at 7:30! the guy in the Jazeeraairways said that they should’ve checked in by 7:30 no matter how many hours the plane gets delayed…. can you believe this? I mean what if it got pushed for 4 hours?? why on earth would I want to check in and then wait in the duty free for HOURS to board the plane? jazeera airways suck. BOYCOTT anyone?

anyway, I turned back and picked them up. we wanted to waste some time until their 2am flight (on emirates airways this time) so we ended up having dinner in The Noodle House afterall! 3ala ra’ey ilmasal, “God works in mysterious ways” πŸ˜€





If there is no space in your kitchen to put your plates to get dry, Try to buy these plates πŸ™‚

Thanks Ahmad.


twobig.jpg onebig.jpg

CradlePoint brought out a portable router that let you turn your 3G Network mobile into a wi-fi router, Just Connect your 3G mobile or USB modem to the PHS300 and you can share the connection with any Wi-Fi device. As well as the Li-Ion battery, you can run it off the mains, both of which give you enough juice for a USB modem.

Its so nice just paired ur mobile with this device and u have HIGH speed internet in any place its portable. PS. “wayed yenfa3 7ag el mokhayamaat hal ayam πŸ™‚ ”

For more info click HERE.

My thanks goes to Ahmad.



My brother and his wife are here for the weekend. I went out with them and we had dinner in Segreto, an italian restaurant in souk madinat jumeirah. the food was great! the service was nice but they were slow with the courses. they had to offer free “courtesy of the Chef” samples just to keep us from eating their heads off.

today my brother called me and told that he forgot his credit card in the restaurant! and the state of emergency began! I called the the restaurant many times and they assured me that they haven’t received any lost credit card. I even talked to our waiter and he too said that he’s sure there were no credit cards in the lost and found and that we took the card for sure.

the calls were non stop between me, my brother and the restaurant.. but when my brother called me the last time, he started talking about how he never really put the card back in his wallet after paying.. and that he called the NBK and deactivated the card…. I was tracing back my thoughts as he was talking and thinking about the things we were doing while he was signing the bill..

i remember looking at his signature.. I was standing… we were ready to go.. but he was looking at the bill… i was looking at the credit card….. I picked up the card… the card is in my hands… i slipped the card in my pocket….


Instinctively I rammed my hand in the pocket.. and there it was.. the card was in my pocket the whole time!





I finally bought it!!! πŸ˜€

Its not what I originally wanted.. not the D40x (which apparently a little less featured than its competitor’s the Canon EOS 400D, A.K.A. Rebel xti).

I went to Jacky’s the electronic store in Emirates mall yesterday. its the official agent for Nikon’s cameras. I went there and annoyed the hell out of the sales person, I asked about everything, the warranty, the features, the free gifts πŸ˜‰ and spent 20 minutes just bargaining with him and trying my best to lower the price. he won ofcourse…

Earlier I talked to Mishary and his brother about which camera should I go with, coz seriously I was torn and couldn’t make up my mind. Mishary was very straight forward “the canon has more features? go with it!”, INM on the other hand was like “you’ve spent months just researching the Nikon and trying it in stores, so you should go with it.. you obviously want it more”.

later when I bought it Mishary said “congratulations”, while INM said “WHY!!! I wanted you to buy the Nikon so I could buy the Canon!!”. . . . thanks a lot INM for the precious advice… NOT! πŸ˜›

ultimately my thanks goes to Ahmad for his educated advice (even though he admitted his bias toward Canon himself) but I think I made the right choice πŸ™‚

Here are the unpacking process




I played with it for hours. my first thoughts were “what have i gotten myself into!” but after the first hour I got used to it.. I still think there is a very LONG way for me and so many things to learn about my first DSLR! but I’m happy that I can finally begin the real learning process. πŸ˜€





Yes you can now send MMS ONLY ((Not receiving)) its only on early stage. This application can be obtained by adding the repository http://modmyifone.com/installer.xml to your sources list, and then updating the refresh on installer.app.




Β selected-topics-midterm.jpg

140 slides to be studied within 2 days. i studied them and on the day of the exam i forgot them all πŸ˜€ how nice! Thank God the exam was done with yesterday and I only have to live with the consoling fact that EVERYONE else in the exam did as bad or worse as I did πŸ˜€



Ellen was interviewing Jenna Bush, the president’s daughter. She asked her if she can call her parents at any time and Jenna said that she can. Ellen then put her on the spot by handing her the phone and asked her call her “parents”! Jenna was worried about getting in trouble.. President Bush took it very well.



There is a rumor that Virgin Megastore is going to open two more branches in Kuwait, one in the Avenues Mall and one in the new (under construction) 360 Mall.

it is said that the Avenues branch is going to be the largest Virgin store in the middle east! and the 360’s is going to be the second largest. As of now nothing is confirmed, its still just a rumor at this point.





The seat is made up of 1600 pencils which are individually sprung.


Each pencil can be removed and used. (Bas etha akhatht el qalam red 7e6aa mokanaa 3ashan elga3da etseeer mawzoona πŸ˜› )




Posted By Mishary.


I like simple games ! The object of this simple game is to click on the light colored dots to create a barrier that prevents the kitty from getting away. Each time you click on a dot, the kitty gets to move from one dot to another. (Walla u will get addicted to it!) i finished the first level ONLY πŸ™‚




How often have you started arguing with a friend over the correct pronunciation of a word? You know, the kind of word that you read all the time, but suddenly realize you’ve never heard spoken out loud. Well, before you beat your friend to a bloody pulp, you might want to check out howjsay, an online pronunciation dictionary. “Sij ana a7taaaj hathaa el shay !”

Thanks to Ahmad.

PS. If ur using Mac OS no need to go to the site above because this feature is built in with the OSX.




Today i received my Apple Mac Mini from Ebay .. “its used and in good condition” it cost me around KD100Β  “i need it just for downloading episodes and seeing the stock market in my living room because it will be connected with my 42” LCD TV.


Its pretty small and compact !


Ive ordered also at the same time from Amazon “Apple Wireless Keyboard“.



LOOK how small and thin it is ! Walla stylish ! AND even its wireless.


Finally My Super Mario Galaxy arrived with its Prima Official Game Guide.

PS. Thanx God there is Amazon & UshopeWeship.