I pass by Qanat Al Qasba almost every day on my way to college. I think it was opened to the public in 2005, because I don’t remember seeing the big ferris wheel when I first came here (in late 2004). I’ve always wanted to take a look inside, something about the lighting and the way it looks from the outside made me curious to know what it’s like from the inside. I heard it was built as an oriental souk (but discovered later that it looks more like old oriental/european buildings). There is a little water canal splitting it in the middle. yeah and there were lots of cafes and restaurants on the sides of the canal.




I liked the place in general and especially liked the ferris wheel, it looked huge! it is said to be the biggest in the region. The place was calm with a very unusual atmosphere, it was quiet unlike anywhere else in Sharjah, And the people were mostly families.


My visit today wasn’t just for the sake of exploring something new. I was there so I can pick up my dinner from Nandos. 😀

Nandos is a south african restaurant that specializes in… chicken. they’re famous for their spices and their extra hot recipes. The first time I got to eat at Nandos was around 2 years ago in Dubai and I hated it then. the second time was in Dubai too (same branch) and I didn’t like it much then either. But I’ve decided to give it another shot since everybody seems to praise it and have only good things to say about its food.



Unfortunately I hated it this time too 😀 But don’t take my word for it, you can try it out too, it opened it’s first branch in Kuwait, in the Avenues mall.

Sorry for the subpar pictures, I took many pictures but they were all ruined by the humidity!

For more information go to Qanat Al Qasba





Here you can see Kenwood boiler that changes color as the water heats up. It goes from blue indicating the water is cold, to a bright red indicating the water is boiled and ready to scald. Moreover it can also be set to only heat the water to 80 degrees and it will maintain this constant temperature until you shut it off. .. i think its nice 🙂

For more information click HERE





Yesterday i’ve been to Souq Almubarkiya with my family, and we had dinner at “Dalaq S’hail” resturant which was REALLY delicious the weather was great and the atmosphere was new to me .. You can see there all kinds of people, from the “Hailaaaq” all the way to “Jakh” people. The weirdest thing is that i saw there a teacher, she was marking students exams while she was smoking “shisha” and eating “tikka” BTW she was wearing “hejaab” So i think u can imagine it now 🙂 but over all the resturant was so good and even the service.


After that we went walking to a place called “bo 100 fils” as u can see above every thing in this souq cost 100 fils “ya balash walla !”


Finally, i went to search for shops that sells “mesabee7” and i found a couple of shops that sells them.

At the end my thanks goes to Ahmad who took these pics, you can visit his site to see more of his shooting.



They’re a stand up comediens group, they’re famous for making jokes about the whole Arab-American drama thats been going on since 9-11. they’re all from the middle east (egypt, Palestine and Iran).

Me and a few friends of mine from college are planning to attend their dubai show. Here are some of their up coming shows in the middle east.


Here is a clip of the Iranian guy, he’s part of the group ofcourse and in it he explains and stresses the difference between arabs and iranians!

Can’t wait! 😀

Axis Of Evil




An ashtray that automatically senses and weighs the
amount of ash placed inside it using an internal weighing system. Then it gonna warn u !  “Sij 3ajebaa”

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Dont u all love the look of stainless steel, Doesnt it gives u the feeling of the future and modern life? If your answer is yes then this is for u if not dont waste ur time 🙂

Today i found a paint that helps to transfer every thing u want to stainless steel look here is an example:
refrigeratorbefore.jpg pgrefrigeratorafter2.jpg

Here you can see Before & After


Here you can see another sample..

The price of it depends on how big the item you want to paint it but its so easy here is the site it will show you the instruction on how u begin and whats the steps and also whats the equipment u need to use.

P.S. i think im gonna try it for my refrigerator 🙂



For those of u who asked me to post the instructions about how to let safari reads arabic fonts here it is:

Just drop the file into system/library/fonts/cache

here is the file





Finally MTV thought of us .. they r officially opened the new channel MTV Arabia “it was launched around 20 hrs ago”.

Satellite: Nilesat 101 (7 degrees West)
Transponder: 14
Down frequency 11.997GHz
Polarisation: Vertical
FEC: 5/6
Symbol rate: 27500

Satellite: Arabsat BADR24 (26 degrees East)
Transponder: 24
Down frequency: 12169 GHz
Polarisation: Vertical
FEC: 3/4
Symbol rate: 27500




its a news aggregator with a twist. So if you’re tired of real cold news, then go there to read some interesting news.




As Winter begin and all the “dafayat” will be turned on, The heated plate keeps your drinks and snacks warm without having to use additional power and energy like a microwave or oven.

UPDATE: im not responsible etha taraktaw el plate 3ala el dafaya and it got over heated, the result will be similar to what i’ve got before.





Remember old days ? 🙂 Yousef do u remember your mother mobile phone which u bring it with u to shalaih ? 🙂

Above u can see a map of all “Most” of Nokia phones from 1982 – 2006 “Click the picture to see it in original size”.

BTW Thanks Ahmad.


Today being a weekend, Me and my friend decided to go out (actually it was more like my friend threatening to eat my brain if I didn’t go out today). so we went out, we struggled to choose a restaurant.. we were thinking The Noodle House? Chillis? maybe fudds? I don’t know how we ended up eating at mcdonalds lol

don’t judge me! yes I love me some mayo.. yes I order the upsize meal and no I don’t like salad!


after that we went to get some stuff done. you know how the nice relatives always like to buy something in dubai, and make us go out and buy it for them… well today was my mother’s turn, she wanted some things from Harvey Nichols.. after going around in there for half an hour.. we found what she was looking for in the store next door, debenhams..

when we were in harvey nichols I thought I’d take some pictures of their Home section.

Ralph Lauren. this is my dream bedroom!


and here you’ll find versace having identity crisis, apparently they think they’re Armani or something.



and here you can see Calvin Klein.. yeah right! like I’d pay thousands of $$$ just to sleep on the floor like that!


Fendi, the bed was even uglier in reality!


Filler picture



Today when i was at work “my work in/out the office” i found this and i want to share it with you.


When i was coming back home i found these blocking my way !


I was waiting for them like 5-7 mins. I tried EVERY THING to make them leave with no success !


I felt like he was looking at me and saying like ” eshtabeee ?? morrrr” ! o kan ekhezny.


Finally they left me in peace.




Just some idea 🙂









Let me know which one u like? 🙂





Dubai’s Dragon Mart, its 1.2 km long which makes it the largest trading hub for products from China outside the Chinese main land has already attracted huge numbers of visitors since opening its doors on December 7th 2004.

You can find everything you want and need in there. the things you find in there can be used to literally build a house and fill it up with all sorts of furniture and electronics.

Anyway, we love going to Dragon Mart because we never know what to expect next! there are always new and interesting things to be seen! for example, the last time I went there, I went with my old roommate (HI flan!!) and we bought us some tiny helicopters. they’re addictive! my other friend (INM 😀 ) bought a bag, a tiny tree and some other things (I forgot what else, wila chan fetha7ta!)

the prices are very competitive and the quality is great! (considering the price you’re paying 😉 ) anyway, here are some pictures of some of the weird products that can be found there. thanks goes to loco for providing the photos.

iPhone knock off


ipod knock off

For more information Click Me!


Posted By Mishary. 


There are literally hundreds of search engines, but only Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask matter at all. All the rest get LESS THAN 2% of all traffic, combined.

BTW Thanks Ahmad.



Today i found my brother in law receiving his set from Amazon.com and i just want to share this with u guys since Seinfeld is well known years ago, So the set is consist of the following:

– 32-disc, two-volume set offering all 180 episodes.

– “The Official Coffee Table Book,” a 226-page, bound anthology filled with photos, quotes, trivia from every episode, and personal reflections from Jerry.


Here u can see the set its pretty big & heavy.


Here another angle of the set, You can see the 2 volumes and the book.


Also here u can see the set of DVDs opened.


And finally you can see the book

Want to buy it ? Click Here it gonna cost u around KD57.

BTW special thanks to Hamad “9K2HN”





The wait is finally over! its available on Wii!

here you can watch the trailer

and here is a nice detailed review

it looks great, I think its going to be one of the best Mario games!


Just got this offer via email


thinking of going somewhere? think faster!

Jazeera airways’ site



Applebee’s changed their logo and actually i dont like their old and new logo and even their food ! ((3ayaaal shako emsawey post ! … Madrey 7arooney))