Younis Shalabi died today. He was 66 years old.

His health was in decline for years, he spent his last years in and out of hospital. The actor has also gone bankrupt as a result of high medical bills for his treatment at different private hospitals. Samir Sabry, a friend of the actor who is an actor himself, has tried many times to raise funds and donations to lift some of the financial burdens off of the late Younis Shalabi.

As of now, we don’t really know what was the cause of death, but I’m sure more news will surface about it soon.

Some of his well known roles in the theater include: Madrisat AlMushaghebeen and Al3eyal kebret.

Allah yer7omah.



This is the Official Web App that designed specially for the iPhone you can find Games , Programs and every thing u need for your iPhone.

Here is the Link.



Do you think we’ll have delivery service in Kuwait any time soon?

Thank you loco for the picture.





Yesterday i’ve ordered an iPhone from “because still here in Kuwait the prices r so high” like before what i did for the last three iPhones which i’ve ordered a confirmation email sent to me telling me that my iPhone will be sent within 3 days “this is normal”.. the surprise is TODAY !! i got an email telling me what ?!?! here what i get:

To Our Valued Apple Customer:

Thank you for your interest in Apple’s iPhone.

You have exceeded our iPhone purchase maximum for online sales, and we are
unable to process your order.

Thank you again for your interest in Apple.

Apple Online Store Customer Support

Please any one can tell me whats wrong with this !! so what ?! i’ve ordered three iPhone .. OK and ? akoooo shareka matabeeey etbeee3 !!! tegooly inta sharait wayeeeeeeeed !! yakhey kaifeeey !! wallah madry shagool ….

BTW thanks Bader





I want this camera. my birthday is coming up soon.. take some notes.






I was waiting for it to be released and finally they did and released it !

From now on no need for ur traditional key chain and every time you forget whats ur front house key and whats your office key and so on.

It holds 6 keys ((3 keys each side)) and just slide the key u want Thats it ! .. More over it got a flash light.


They have four colors Silver, Black, Pink and Blue.


You can see above the dimensions of it is pretty good and it cost around KD82 which is costly and after ordering it u must send ur six keys to them to reshape them so that they can fit in it. “which is a disadvantage”.

If ur interested u can order it Here.





From now on no need for the classic fork to eat with… The FingerFork will solve all ur need just wear it and ethroob bel khams πŸ™‚

it cost around KD3.750 and u can order it Here




Today i found an advertisement of Health Company in the newspaper offering a healthy and low calories food with free home delivery.

So i thought of giving them a try and here are the results:


This is the box which i’ve received it looks organized.


It looks delicious and the portion looks fine for a meal.



Here you can see the high quality menu with a variety of food selection.

For more information you can visit Here and you can call them on 2447575



1. Free delivery “No need to subscribe for a full month whenever u need them just call them”.

2. Every thing is available ur not limited with a certain kind of food for a certain day.


1. They dont offer how many calories on there food.




These are some of the things you can do with an espresso machine:

9Β espresso

For a bigger version of the picture Click Here

Taken from This Blog



Now my iPhone interface is arabic also .. So now i can say my iPhone is FULLY arabic support.

Here are the instruction for making ur interface arabic:

its so easy just transfer the attached file to System->Library->CoreServices->>English.lproj

Attached File



if you’re a coffee lover and you just can’t find the satisfaction in home made coffees, then this machine is for you! its easy to use and to set up, it requires no skills at all and it doesn’t make a mess! I got one of these (the smaller one) after a long window shopping session on and I’m loving it. (don’t mind my huge mug lol πŸ˜› I use big mugs coz ironically I hate espressos, but I love me some lattes so I just add more water and some milk)


capsules.jpg all you have to do is pick the little capsule, insert it into the machine and with a click of a button.. voila! not to mention you can choose from a very big collection of flavors too, every 10 capsules comes in a little packet (shown below)


o 3ad to top it all off.. when you run out of these little capsules, you can call up your local nespresso dealer in kuwait or wherever and order some more! free delivery too πŸ˜€
more information and loads of accessories can be found HERE.



I think Zain will introduce something on November 12th.

I think it will be related to internet. You can access the Site here.

P.S. if any one knows more info please leave us comment.


Today i passed Zain branch and asked them about the new service they told me its the HSDPA there will be 2 version of it:

HSDPA 3.6 which will cost u 13 KD/Month.

HSDPA 7.2 which will cost u 27 KD/Month.

i think all the subscriptions are with unlimited download and must be at least 1 year.



Today we decided to have our lunch from Mishref McDonald’s ((The one which is located in Mishref’s Garden)), So while we were waiting for our order “We’ve order from the car service” I noticed something unusual.


I noticed that the Garden have a newspaper boxes! They even have English newspaper boxes!

So I wondered… Who is living here! Who reads these newspaper??




Tree #4

My friend made it a habit to buy me a plant everytime he comes for a visit. I kinda grew to expect a plant everytime now.. πŸ™‚ the above picture is of plant #4.

I enjoyed his stay, I always do. this time in particular felt different, I didn’t spend as much time with him as I hoped for, I had to attend every class this week (well almost every class.. you know, too many absences, can’t risk getting an FA!).

we went to buddha bar yesterday, we didn’t have a reservation but we went there anyway just for a peek, to get an idea (bala’3at shaf). I can’t put down what I saw in words! it was amazing! the atmosphere was out of this world. dark, lounge music and great food! (we didn’t eat, but it looked and smelled GEWD!).

I just took him to the airport. I’m going to miss him. (hey INM if you’re reading this, where is the shampoo!!!!?)


Now my iphone finally can reads arabic sms .. without any introduction here r the steps:

1. From ur iPhone Safari go to: it will ask u if u want to install click YES.

2. Go to Installer program in ur iPhone, In localization section install Arabic System Fonts.

3. From ur iPhone Safari go to:


4. Go to Installer program in ur iPhone, In Utilities section install aSMS.

5. From ur iPhone Safari go to

NOTE: DONT FORGET the s after the http”


You can see here the ArabicSMS program that u can read from it arabic sms’s.


After u open the ArabicSMS here what u get.


Here u can see sample of sms.


Leopard DVD

The Guy who fixed my laptop gave me an amazing tip!

the original Leopard OS DVD, even the 1 license version, can be used and installed on countless of laptops! yes! COUNTLESS! and the proof…. I’ve used my friend’s copy on my laptop, and I am now A proud new user of the most advanced OS πŸ˜›





I think the designers r really creative in these bags.

For more information and to see the full collection also you can order them directly Here.

P.S. They r around KD90 which is costly on a laptop bag i think.



Check this Site its really AMAZING.

BTW thanks Ahmad.





Its Back! Shinier and faster than ever! πŸ˜€ not to mention a harddisk boost from 60gb to 120gb. turned out my harddisk decided to die on me and all it needed was a new one. I’m glad its back!




Put that drip water to good use by using the Planter Dish Drip. It’s plastic and can hold several dishes at one time. ((Wala khoooosh))




Interested? Read More.

BTW thanks Ahmad.