The new Mac OS ‘Leopard’ will be officially released within less than an hour. some pre-orders have been already shipped and some even got it and installed it. everybody is praising it at the moment.

we’ve been hearing and reading about it for a long time now, we can’t wait to get our copy and install it. some of the best features that I personally can’t wait to experience and enjoy are:

-Time Machine.
-Quick Look.
-and ofcourse the overall feeling of having the most advanced OS in our hands!



As i mentioned in Yousef’s last post that my car was hit by stranger ((7esbeyalah 3alaih !)). So today i was in the police station to get the requested paper to fix the company car legally.

The story begins here .. the police man ((elthab6)) send me to the ((elkhabeer el faney)) so he can analise the accident if it is done by some body else or me, the normal way is: that person must come to my car which was parked in front of the police station and examine the it. I stopped at his door and asked him to come with me to see my car (( i repeat again this is the NORMAL procedure )) what he asks me to do is to go to my car and take a picture with my mobile and send it to his mobile via bluetooth then he WILL DECIDE ! We were 3 at his office and every one of us went to his car and captured his car and came back again. kel hatha 3ayaaaaaaaaaaaaaz !!! wala 3aib.


Posted By: Yousef.

I had subway for dinner today. I ate 3 different 6″! chicken teriyaki, steak & cheese AND B.M.T. which stands for Best meat tatse! thats one hell of a misleading name for a sandwich, it was awful! after that I took my the last antibiotic capsule I have left…does this mean I should be feeling good and cured by now? not necessarily!

anyway, I had a very strong craving for some dessert right afterward! now the one thing that is known about my eating habits, is that I don’t like/care for dessert that much. but this time it was a bit weird! I was looking all around for some chocolates!

and look what I’ve found in the fridge!


and its finally the WEEKEND!! I must be in heaven! 😀


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  • Blue LEDs in the handle indicate when rain or snow is expected
  • Receives weather data for 150 U.S. locations from Accuweather.com <– Here is the Tech. point !!
  • Top quality “gust buster” canopy design
  • Network signal and low battery indicator lights
  • Takes a single “C” size battery (not included)
  • Dimensions: 41 1/2″ L x 58″ Diameter (it is a large umbrella)

Price : $99.99



Simply Dubai.




Where is that sound coming from?!

after much searching and looking around I finally found the source of that annoying sound! the bathroom is leaking. and not any kind of leak, it was leaking from the ceiling! but wait there is more, the water is actually coming from the light bulb in the bathroom’s ceiling!

I called the doorman/janitor and told him about it. he said it must be coming from the A/C’s machine, which is located right above that ceiling. he told me he’s going to call the A/C’s company and that they’re going to be here first thing in the morning.





Simply a watch talks like human !

If ur still interested more info here.



My friend who didn’t bother to attend the class today, is now in one of Dubai’s malls, God knows which one this time. He saw Nawal, the Singer. I told him to get off his butt and go talk to her 😀  

will be reporting more on this shortly. stay tuned! 


ok, my friend just smsed me and unfortunately he couldn’t find her again.




My friend woke me up at 11 when I’m supposed to get up at 2. but its alright, he did me a favor earlier.. so its alright..  I took my antibiotics, panadols, allergy pill and went back to sleep. 1 hour later I got up again.. I couldn’t sleep anymore. there was this very annoying pain in my chest, just below my neck.. I was coughing and coughing a lot. finally and before I knew it, yesterday’s dinner went down the drain. :mrgreen:

I’m a bit dizzy now. am I supposed to take my medicines all over again? or were they already in the blood stream when the woosh occurred?



At&t and Apple are stating that less than 40 days “From the price cut of the iPhone ” Apple sold more than 250,000 iPhones with No activation via at&t ” meaning UNLOCKED iPhone” where sold .. WOW .. Apple fever !



Is north always north? even if you’re literally in the north pole? where does the compass point when you’re there? 

something to think about 🙂 



Imagine EVERY thing u think of will be in stainless steel. I’ve ordered this creative key hanger from them.

Here it is: LINK

Update: i just received it and it looks pretty good.



Posted By Mishary.


What an idea ! .. I’ve order it and its really amazing and so simple and even you can do ur own design .. It cost me with Shop&Ship around KD40.

if ur interested u can order it from here: LINK




if you like your cereal soggy then this post is not for you. but if you’re normal like every other person on earth, you might have wondered if there is a way to enjoy your bowl of cereals without it getting so mushy.. well there is a solution after all 🙂

Link: EatMeCrunchy!

70% of us prefer our cereal to be crunchy and now that’s possible 


Mishary wants to upgrade the blog to have its own domain.. we haven’t been blogging for 5 minutes and now he want an upgrade!!!!
there sure is a long bumpy road ahead of us! and I CAN’T wait 😀


well, he went ahead and did it. Surprisingly, I’m happy with it 😀 




Thanx Yousef : )




we’re trying things out right now.. me and my partner (la billlaah tewafagt). 

keep checking back for more 😀