Pizza Hut promises that if you get your pizza and the Hot Dot does not say Hot, your next pizza is for free. Let’s see how it works out the next time I receive a tepid Pizza.


Who is Tommy Mottola?

Well he first and foremost, is Mariah Carey’s ex husband, this is the most interesting part of this person’s life as far as I’m concerned. But he is also many other things.

Once uppon a time he was the most powerful man in the music industry. He was the head of Sony’s music devision back in the late 1980’s till beginning of the 2000’s. He helped and/or discovered, developed,, raised to stardom, expanded, the following artists:

  • Mariah Carey
  • Ricky Martin
  • Shakira
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Diana Ross
  • Beyonce
  • Marc Anthony
  • Gloria Estefan
  • Celine Dion

He is, as reports have suggested, connected with the Mafia, connected (had power over) with all the radio networks back in his heydays, and was the most influential man in the music industry, when the music industry was as big as the universe that is. The man had it all, and somehow lost it all, his powers I mean, not his wealth, coz he still is wealthy as hell.

Get this: He made SONY $1,000,000,000 richer with Mariah Carey alone. Celine have sold as much as Mariah.. 3alaikom le7sab.

He is the kind of guy that you can’t help but be disgusted and inspired by all at once! He is writing his memoirs. Lots of warms are going to crawl out of that piece of valuable writings, and I can’t wait to turn it’s pages!



Wataniya Airline just announced that they downgraded their first class cabin to business class, so you will feel the price drop in that class significantly, moreover I’ve got an info that they will be adding new destinations to their current ones in the coming days and one of them is London.


Since the new Samsung Galaxy 9000S is expected to have high demand in Kuwait, and all over the world, I’ve decided to collect as much information as I can and let you know about the best deal you can get.

From the table above it seems that Wahran’s got the lowest prices for both of the versions.

P.S. Negri Electronics is an online store that can deliver via Fedex to your doorsteps.


Regarding the warranties: Wahran provide their own warranty, and Electrozan offer AlBabtain’s warranty. As for the rest, please help us out if you know any information regarding their warranties.


When you need to send an emergency tweet. “@police #rapist #snatching people up #halp”


For those, like me, who enjoy the blue amber and are looking for the blue amber misbahs, this is your chance. You can book your ticket for Dubai next weekend to attend  the October Dubai Jewellery week during 6-9th October 2010 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre and head directly to booth No. J27.

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There is something wrong going on at XCite and some of their iPhone 4s. My friend just bought an iPhone 4 on Friday, and was surprised to find it dead when he tried to use it. The brand new iPhone 4 was dead right out of the box.

He went to iCity to have it looked at, and they asked him this when he explained the problem: “From XCite?” and then they went on to tell him that they had numorous customers come in with brand new iPhones 4, dead out of the box, from XCite.

So what my friend did was, he went to Xcite, the one in Alray, and asked for a replacement or a refund. They refused. They told him that a refund or a replacement wasn’t possible. Even when He threatened to go to the Consumer Protection Association (حماية المستهلك), they didn’t back down, and was told that حماية المستهلك would do nothing about it.

He went there already and the CPA حماية المستهلك were totally supportive of his case and are helping him begin the refund process.

What’s the deal? Frankly, this issue aside, and even though this is completely and utterly ridiculous, I still think XCite is trustworthy, and I think that they should act professional and have a full refund for such problems.

I mean Come on; this issue is way beneath you


Thomas from XCite wrote a comment that promised to solve the problem. The issue was dealt with and it’s over now. I hope in the future when issues of this nature arise, they choose a smoother way to deal with their customers as I’m sure they want to earn and maintain every customer’s trust, and business.

I think customers nowadays could easily take their business else where, the market is very competitive in here, and we have our beloved online stores to compete with our local ones.

Anyway, thanks a lot Thomas for stepping in, and for solving this issue. Maybe you can raise this issue in your next meeting to make sure it never happens again. Just a suggestion from a long time customer.


My family have announced that they’re boycotting each and every overpriced piece of vegetable on the market. That announcement was made by my Father yesterday, and therefor we’re now officially a part of the “خلوها تخيس” (let it rot) campaign.


I listen to the best songs while the iPod’s on shuffle. Just today as I was starting my long drive back, I turned the iPod to shuffle, and it picked the best songs, one by one. I have a great collection that I almost never listen to.

I discovered Awath Dookhi’s song (scroll down) last week, I didn’t know I had it in the iPod, and since having my first listen last week I can’t seem to get enough of it. It was picked by my iPod today too, while on shuffle mode.

I’ve always wondered why he عوض دوخي got famous? and I always thought the reason was that there was no competition back then and people didn’t know any better.. Boy was I wrong. He is soothing, full of emotions and have great vocals to back the great music and lyrics. Thats why people loved him back then and still do.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The song is a grower, give it a chance, and try using the shuffle mode more often 🙂


A new song from Mariah Carey is out, called Oh Santa. The song is scheduled to be on her new Christmas album ‘Merry Christmas II You’. This is her second Christmas album, her first was released back in 1994, and is considered one of the top selling Christmas albums of all time, and it included the instant classic, All I want for Christmas is you, which was penned by Mariah herself and her her musical partner back then, Walter Afanasieff.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

It’s only natural to have high expectations for her second Christmas album, and so far I like the new song, I think it’s fun, energetic and light. A great way to start the season. I’m excited for rest of the album.


I got a message telling me that Prime & Toast restaurant the one at AlSeef stip is going to open 24 hours a day 7 days a week starting on 15th of this month.

I would’ve loved this back in 2008 when I was Jobless. With wireless internet this would’ve been my dream place back then.

Good move.

Prime & Toast review

Thanks Dherar


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I heard that lots of people were annoyed that this hasn’t come to Kuwait yet, and they’ve struggled over the years to buy it off the net and import it and stuff. Well Bath & Body Works is opening soon at the avenues, near D.Lush, so rejoice!

It’s brought over by AlShaya group, and I’ve been told that AlShaya owns it’s right for the whole Middle east. If that proves to be true, then expect it to pop all around the gulf area.

Thanks HBZ


It’s official, Mission Impossible 4 starring Tom Cruise will be filmed partially in Dubai. Dubai’s media officials have announced after many meetings and location scouting that Dubai would be one of the main locations for filming the next Mission Impossible, along with Prague and Vancouver.

How cool is that? Way to go Dubai!


Frankom posted about it too, read it here.


Just got out of surgery.


They’ve got some really cool moves, and the way the music is synced! This has definitely put a smile on my face while watching 🙂

Thanks Dherar


The Mutubtub campaign team for child obesity have sent us the following to share it with you guys: 

Obesity has ranked Kuwait on the charts among the top ten most obese countries in the world. To fight this, Mutubtub the national child obesity campaign is going to be launching soon and you should take part in it. 40 percent of Kuwaiti children and 74.2 percent of the whole population are diagnosed with obesity. Let’s help before it’s too late.

Mutubtub is currently recruiting MUTUBTUB MINIONS (volunteers). If you have the time, dedication, and passion, we’ll be glad to have you on the team.

Mutubtub Minions will be divided into five gangs:

  • Hunters (contributor relations)
  • 247s (marketing specialists)
  • Double Ts (media correspondents)
  • Fitness Freaks (nutritionists/dietitians)
  • Commandos (Action-makers)

Send them an email at with your contact information if you’re interested.

Join them on Facebook

Thanks Maryam




I’ve had Opera sandwiches for some time now, at Bubbles Diving Center’s diving trips and I liked them a lot. And today, we ordered some for breakfast, it was more like an early lunch actually than it is a breakfast, but since we ate before 12pm, it’s still a breakfast in my book.

They’re not great, but they’re very good. They’re more like homemade sandwiches, clean, that’s what you feel eating them; You feel confident that you’re eating unsaturated and healthy food, even though they’re soaked with mayo and God knows what. But you know, it’s clean food.

I’d recommend Opera’s sandwiches for work and for gatherings. They have: Tuna, Chicken with mayo (msa7ab), Chicken Tandoori, Turkey & cheese., Falafil, Veggie, Halloumi and some other kinds. Also ask for their healthy wraps.

They take a while to deliver though, an hour minimum, and they don’t deliver unless it’s KD20 and above. Yeah they suck when it comes to delivery.

^Don’t forget to add ‘2’ before each number above.


Pizzetta is owned by the same chef who owns both Prime & Toast, and Bistro 86. That intro, or background info in my case, was enough to lure me in and have me head over heals for the place.

We arrived at 9pm and we were only 2, but we knew we’ve got to order more than enough food so that we could really judge the food and taste everything, and also coz we heard the portions are little in this place.

We ordered:


  • Deep fried, Mushroom & cheese stuffed Ravioli.
  • Pizzetta (smaller version of a pizza): Buffalo Mozzarella, with Basil paste, sun dried tomatoes and grilled asparagus.
  • Mini Beef Lasagna Pot.
  • Pizza Margarita (half margarita, half mushroom).

Main Dish:

  • Mushroom Ravioli.
  • Veal stuffed Ravioli (I ordered the pan seared lamb chops first, but I had to choose something else coz they were out of chops).

Now let me get down to business and talk about the food.

The starters, we got our deep fried ravioli first, it was delicious. The stuffing tasted really good, it was stuffed with mushrooms, ricotta cheese and Philadelphia cheese. Creamy, cheesy, mushroomy, what not to love? One issue though, I had to cut off the empty edges off. There was just too much of an empty space in that ravioli.

Then we somehow got our main dish. Whoops. 3 other starters arrived AFTER the main dish. We got many apologies, but that didn’t make it up. Off to a bad start. But for the sake of this review I’m gonna go by the order I had in mind.

The Pizzetta tasted like something I came up with in the chalet with not enough ingredients. It was amateurish at best. Nothing was special about it except for the crust. I loved the crust. Oh and we had to correct the seasoning ourselves (ma9kha) we had to use the salt shaker a lot.

The Mini Beef Lasagna Pot. Cute. Loved the presentation, and had big hopes. But that changed with the first bite. The lasagna could’ve tasted great, I mean it had great potential just by how it smelled, but they had to mess it up by adding some herb that ruined the meat tomato sauce at the bottom! I don’t know what it was, but it tasted like burned cardamom, I’m not sure if that was it, but that’s what I got.

Pizza Margarita. Just like the Pizzetta, the tomato sauce was a huge turnoff. I mean I asked my friend when we tasted their margarita about the sauce and what was wrong about it, and he said “Nothing’s wrong with it, except we could’ve made a much better sauce at home.” And that was it. Nothing’s wrong about it, it’s just not good enough.

The Mushroom Ravioli was the exact same ravioli we had as an appetizer, but it was boiled and served with cream and basil instead. It tasted so so.

The Veal stuffed Ravioli with mushroom juice was nice, not great, it fell apart every time I tried to pick it up with the fork.

As you can see, it was a big disappointment. I mean, just next door is Prime & Toast; one of the best spaghetti Bolognese pastas is served there. Right next door! Pizzetta is owned by the same chef as Bistro 86! One of the best emerging restaurants of last year! There was no excuse why our experience at Pizzetta was such an awful one.

The food just isn’t good enough.

Pictures taken from Tid Bit Du Jour


Old Rose from Titanic passed away sunday night in her sleep. She had many movies during the 1930’s but never had her break until Titanic 60 years later. She became the oldest actress to be nominated for an Oscar for her role in Titanic.

May she rest in peace.