Registration for AC Milan Soccer School had just started. The AC Milan
Soccer School in Kuwait is affiliated with LoYAC’s Soccer Academy. The
collaboration between Milan School and LoYAC Soccer Academy will provide the youth of Kuwait with innovative and personalized training method from world class AC Milan Trainers.


  • Provide the youth with an open environment in which they can get training and development in soccer from willing and well qualified coaches.
  • Help youth foster a positive attitude towards their peers and life.
  • Help the youth grow in the area of social development.
  • Instill youth with the willingness to be health conscious, for a healthier
    upcoming generation.

Camp Features:

  • Training Location: Abul Field – Dasma
  • Training: 90 minutes sessions three times a week
  • Training season from October 2010 – May 2011
  • Two official AC Milan Coaches
  • Three students will be selected to play in AC Milan tournament abroad

Registration terms:

Young boys from 6 to 16 years from all nationalities.

For more information visit or call 99254708

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Simple & Creative, want to order? Click HERE it will cost you around KD 8.5

Now the real question to all the girls”Will you dare?”


لكل الذين لديهم طلب اسكاني والى الان لم يحن الوقت لكي تخصص لهم القسائم او البيوت

من هنا تستطيع ان تستعلم عن طلبك الاسكاني الذي قدمتة فقط قم بزيارة الرابط التالي وقم بوضع رقمك المدني ومن ثم اضغط بحث سوف تجد اسمك وكل بياناتك وتاريخ تقديم للطلب

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I thought there is a rule about a minimum of 3 months till expiry for items to be still at shelves for sale? coz this item pictured had only 2 months till it expires and it’s still sitting on the shelves.

I just searched around in the internet and couldn’t find anything about it. Is there a rule about expiry dates in Kuwait?




If you need a real good laugh then you must watch this video. It’s a bit loud, you must turn down the volume, not all the way, just a little bit, and forward to 2:10.

“These four Filipino dudes have such a complete hysterical freakout when their representative Maria Venus Raj makes the top 15 in the Miss Universe pageant, they can’t help but shriek, jump, hug, text and type out of joy.”



“The Kuwaiti and Saudi nationals will be able to use smart cards to enter each other’s country through the official crossing points in line with the travel laws and their executive statutes.

“Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have signed yesterday an agreement allowing their nationals to use smart ID cards instead of passports to cross the joint borders. The deal will take force only one month after being signed by Kuwaiti Minister of Interior Lt-Gen (rtd) Sheikh Jaber Al-Khaled Al-Sabah and Saudi Arabia’s Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Prince Nayif Bin-Abdulaziz Al-Saud.”

This line kinda cracked me up:

“The deal will greatly facilitate the movement of citizens of the t
wo sisterly countries; it sets example for what the ties between neighbors should be

It “sets” an example? You mean in the middle east right? coz europe have been setting countless examples for the past 30 years, and the travel between 2 ‘sisterly’ countries thingi have been set a long time ago.

Anyway. I’m so happy about this piece of news!


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Great ad! I would buy the phone just because of the cute girl!


Taken from Mail Online:

“Reclining in a chair in his office, a sharp-suited young Silvio Berlusconi sits with a 357 Magnum in its holster clearly visible on his desk, proof of the emerging businessman’s ruthless streak.

Seventies Italy was a dangerous time and the Italian president-to-be feared kidnap by the Mafia or worse – but wasn’t going to take the threat lying down.

The black and white photograph, taken in 1977 when Berlusconi was an emerging industrialist, has been discovered in the archives of a photographer during a clear-out.

‘At the time I remember I didn’t like it and I had put it to one side. My boss had given me as assignment to shoot Berlusconi for a media magazine and I said: “Who is he?”‘

‘My boss told me: “He’s about to buy il Giornale (a newspaper) and open a TV station. Mark my words he will be talked about for a long time to come.”‘”

Read the entire article here.


Almost two weeks ago I bought Kensington’s bluetooth keyboard iPad Case, and used it for almost 10 days. It really felt like I was using a little notebook.

After using it for a while and carrying it around, I must say that the keyboard makes the whole thing bulky, almost negates the idea behind the iPad. Some may wonder why didn’t I get a little laptop instead then if I wanted a real keyboard? Well, I think having the mobility of the iPad is nice, and then having the keyboard option whenever I feel like it, is even nicer.


I passed by today and was told by the waiter that they’ve just released a new flavor, chocolate, and it is awesome. I sampled it and I thought it was awful. It tastes like something between a real good chocolate icecream and a bad dark chocolate.
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Have you watched the movie yet? Julie & Julia? You have to. Great acting and great food.

My friend and I were hoping that we could skim through Julia Child’s book, pick a few easy recipes, and then cook a single dish every weekend. Well we were a bit too optimistic. Why? Because Julia cooks like crazy. She uses multiple pans, multiple pots, and lots of ingredients that had to be cooked separately, then added together in the most intricate way possible, and that my friends goes beyond what I’m capable of. I don’t have that kind of patience and I don’t like work for hours and end up eating the dish in 10 minutes. It’s frustrating. But anyway, we ended up doing 2 very simple and easy recipes, and hit gold with 1 of them.

We made:

  1. Cream of Mushroom soup.
  2. Crêpes.

The Cream of Mushroom soup took around 2 hours, 4 pans and pots minimum, lots of shouting, many helpers.. And a great deal of patience. It tasted amazing, a bit salty, we forgot to count in the salt in the chicken stock, but that didn’t stop it from being a success. We all loved it.

The Crêpes recipe on the other hand was extremely simple, and it is just the most practical and tasty thing on the entire book in my opinion. It’s fun too, I loved flipping the Crêpes with the pan. It takes less than 10 minutes of preparation time and 2 hours in the fridge and it’s done. Smashing success.

I’ll be posting those recipes with pictures once I feel like editing all of those pictures (they’ve been in my iPhoto since mid Ramadan).

For now, why don’t you go to Julie Powell’s blog (as in the blog that started it all), and read through it.

The Julie/Julia Project




Now this is funny! Carlsberg as a sponsor for Kuwait’s national youth team? The goal keeper should’ve known better than to wear a shirt with carlsberg logo on it, on an official game.

I heard they made quite a fuss about it on AlRai newspaper.


Alrai’s article. I feel sorry for the goalkeeper after reading the article.

Thanks Taymoor



Gap, Old Navy & Banana Republic are now officially shipping directly to Kuwait, More over you can now display the prices in KWD. You can check it by your self.


KBSoft would like to invite you to 10th anniversary event.

“The event will take place at JW Marriott Hotel Al-Jahra ballroom, Thursday evening, September 23, 2010 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

In addition to the anniversary event, We will be holding RAMADAN 2010 winners ceremony.

Everyone here at KBSoft looks forward to meeting you and share our success with you at our 10th anniversary.”


Preacher Terry Jones who vowed to burn 200 copies of the Quran on 9/11’s 9th anniversary, had been given a bill of $100,000 to cover the cost of police security forces.

He called off the Quran burning just 2 days before the scheduled day, but that didn’t stop the enraged people from all over the world to protest and threaten his safety. The police and SWAT teams were used to protect him and his church in texas Florida. That kind of protection didn’t come for free.

The security bill could end up bankrupting Terry Jones and his church.




We have 2 questions for you guys at our polls:

  • Which Company had the best ad during the month of Ramadan?
  • Did you feel motivated or interested in a product or service due to the ad campaign?

Please submit your answers and participate using the 2 polls in the left sidebar.

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Funny thing I heard the last week of Ramadan, a phrase that kept me going for quite a while.

Eeh. Mokh 7areem.

I hate hearing this phrase; it doesn’t sit well with me, not just coz it is sexist, but coz it is simply untrue. I’ve been lucky to have been surrounded moslty with wise & intelligent women my whole life, so I can’t relate to that phrase and it just annoys me.

But you know what? This little phrase, after sinking in, it kind of unfolded into something revealing of that person’s backgrounds. I mean an idea has to be influence by something to form. So if you say that women are stupid, out loud, you’re basically telling us that you haven’t been as fortunate as the rest of us, you’re saying that the women in your home and your family are stupid women..

That is where the little sexist and conceited ideas stems from. Home.


Dubai’s branch official opening will take place this friday at Radisson Blue Hotel in Dubai Marine.

It’s worth noting that this would be there second branch outside Kuwait in 2010, the first one being in Qatar, where it officially opened a branch during Ramadan.

You’re all invited to the official opening this friday.


The famous hosting company is now for sale, They are asking for $1 billion. Thanks god we moved our blog from them.