Today we decided to have our lunch at Al-mayas restaurant. I went there with my wife, 9K2HN and Labeba. This time we decided to take my family there.

So we went ahead and ordered our appetizers (mazaat). We ordered 3arayes (basically its a round bread, cut in quarters with meat mixed in with some spices) 🙂

Mohamara, it was not that good at all! (it was soo cold, it gives the impression that it just came directly out of the fridge!).

Shesh Barak, This is my favorite 😛

Humos with meat and sonobar.

Haloom Cheese.

Humos with Meats.

Cherry Kebab, its our favorite! its kebab with cherry sauce and cherries. it was so good! By the way, does anyone know any restaurant that offer this cherry kebab here in Kuwait?

Kebab bel laban, its Kebab with yogurt.

We ended up with coffees. ANM and INM ordered a white coffee. I was wondering if this a real coffee?! does it contains caffeine like the normal ones?

Anyway, the final score is 3 Out of 5.


This entry was posted on Sunday, June 8th, 2008 at 12:21 am

16 Responses to “Lunch in Al-Mayas”

  1. Pure says:

    3alaikum bl 3afya ..

  2. c'est la vie says:

    bl 3afia , Sarai at al bede3 offers kebab with cherry and many other kind of flavors .

  3. 9k2hn says:

    I can see from the pictures that the 7omos changed from our last visit….. Last time it was yellowish but not it is normal. In my opinion the best Lebanese Rest. in Kuwait is Al6arboosh at Sheraton Hotel second is Villa Fairoz.

  4. Eman says:

    well i’ve never been to Almayass…
    but cherry kbaab @ Sarai is really something! it’s my fav…
    where’s al mayas i got to try it!

  5. Pink GirL says:

    3lek bel 3afia :>

  6. Ali says:

    yaw3tny 🙁
    i love kabab bl laban .. bs eb Lebanon `3aaair ;p

  7. Mishary says:

    c’est la vie Thanks! i will try it next time.

    9k2hn i agree with u and the third will be Dalag es’haail 😛

  8. bo9ale7 says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm 3alekom bel 3afya bas i will go today 😛

  9. HBZ says:

    bil 3afyaa .. and about the white coffee its made of water and flower water

  10. Intlxpatr says:

    Your meal looks fabulous – I am now SOOOO Hungry.

    My niece ordered white coffee when she visited here – they had never heard of it. Finally, she got them to bring her some hot water and lemon juice. White coffee is very common in Beirut.

  11. Ansam says:

    I went there yesterday and I hated HATED their service! They are too rude! the food was ok! I like the Kabab Karaz (cherry) and Chich Barak the most, the rest was average! Shish Tawouk Kababji taste MUCH better than AL-MY-ASS restaurant!

  12. TACOBELL_q80 says:

    funny ansam……. i junt wanted to know where is this restorant at ??

  13. Skylark says:

    I loved this restaurant: the atmosphere is lovely and I received a very attentive and professional service – something uncommon in Lebanon! The average dishes are fine, but if you’re up for something really special, try such delicacies as boiled beef tongue in lemon sauce (incredible but true – it’s delicious), eggplant rolls in yoghurt sauce and the fabulous croutons with bastirma and quail eggs. Cherry kebab is also not to be missed!
    My rating (given the Beirut average): 5 out of 5.

  14. Skylark says:

    Oops… I thought you were talking about Mayass in Beirut. My oversight 🙂 Well, when you visit Beirut, don’t miss this one I was talking about.

  15. Yousef says:

    Skylark I’ve been to the one in Lebanon and I absolutely agree with you, one of the best Lebanese restaurants I’ve been to. and the dishes you mentioned sound good!

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