We’re in the middle of building an extension to the dewaniya, and one of the guys suggested we build a Fireplace in there. We all agreed to the idea and we liked the effect it’d add to the interiors. Finding a place that builds (reasonably priced) Fireplaces and chimneys was a nightmare. We’re on a budget, if you aren’t on one you’d breeze through the process, but we do have a budget and we’re trying to stick to it. We combed Shuwaikh and asked everybody.. We were out of luck, we didn’t find a single place that does them, and every builder we called was out of the country.

We learned later from a friend that they did a couple of Fireplaces in their Abdali farm and He recommended Bu Hassan the chimney specialist. We’re now in the process of building the thing, we’ve chosen the colors and the rocks that’ll go into making it. So far this guy seems to know what he’s doing, especially when it comes to the tricky ventilation part. Apparently getting the smoke of the chimney top without smoking back the fumes into the room is a tricky matter, and not everyone is qualified enough to prevent that from happening.

I’ll keep you posted about this guy’s work, and will post the final pictures when he’s done incase someone else is thinking about building a chimney.


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  2. Azteca says:

    Do you have his contact? I am looking to build a fireplace as well.

  3. fouz says:

    baitna nizalna gabl 8 years o e7na ba3ad 7a6een fee a fireplace bs WALA MARRA sta’3damna! wala marra!

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  5. jazi says:

    Yousef can u update the post with his contact info i am interesting in adding a fireplace to our house.

    oh and i LUV the picture…nice shot mashalla;)

  6. 7antoosh says:

    allah khooosh shay
    yallaaa meta etkhalee9 basawi chay feeha πŸ˜›

  7. Bu m7amad says:

    Dear Mr. Poker

    Awal shy 7bait aslim 3lick o 7yak alah in this blog.

    poker says: 1) “i think its a sign that u guyz should stop blogging and leave the blogosphere”

    *** you’re not paying anything to access blogs! And everyone is welcome to the Blogosphere ***

    poker says: 2) “if u check back in 2008/2009 u had an average of 30 comments for interesting posts and 10 for boring ones…but today having 10 comments per post is the best u can get to.”

    *** waaaaaaaaaaw from 2008/2009… mmmmmm LAISH LAIN AL7IN GA3ID ITDISH 3AYAL?????? ***


    it’s never about quantity its about quality, & “mashalah 3lahoum” the quality of their posts is always on TOP.

    Good Job Guys & Keep It up ..

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  10. Poker says:

    Bo m7ammed and dina…u know that everything im saying is right
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    Poker mb 6alab rayich!! Mo 3ajbich il blog e la tft7eena ma7ad ‘3a9bich!

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    Poker agool bs ebchay 3ala 3aad!
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    poker; she’s funny πŸ˜€
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  15. Ali says:

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  17. Mish3al says:

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  71. m7 says:

    s7ela gha6a elyoom ?
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  72. Yousef says:

    Thanks for all of the nice words guys, none have gone unnoticed and you all are deeply appreciated.

    Comments section closed

  73. Martin says:

    loool mo ma6loob enech teth7en alma6loob ena e7na neth7aak 3alech thats why you are here πŸ™‚ wela laykon entay still mo mestaw3eeba the main point of the whole arguement ? loool faqeeera…

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