Since day one of releasing Zain’s E-GO 21.6 Mb/s, I was worried about sharing the high speed internet with other computers, and from that day I began to search for a router that is compatible with the 21.6 e-go but the result was a big ZERO, because non of the big brands started to develop a router that can handle that kind of speed, yet. Until I found the Dovado 3GN router which is the only router in the market that supports Zain’s E-GO.

I’m going to review it and the review will include:

  • Shape
  • What’s inside the box
  • Installation
  • Speed
  • Compatibility
  • Price
  • Drawbacks
  • Conclusion

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Its located in in Toronto, Canada and measuring just 2-meters wide, 14.3-meters long and just 95 sq. meters.  They want to sell it for KD48,307  and it “comes with three rooms, including a normal sized bathtub.

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After closing their one and only branch in Kuwait they’ve moved to Dubai and opened their first branch in Dubai Mall near the water fall.

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Dr Haya Al Omar has something to say to you about Autism:

What is autism?

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects the way a person communicates and relates to people around them. People with autism have difficulties with everyday social interaction.

International Autism Day is the 2nd of April. This day was recognized by the united nations as an “International Autism day” since 2008.

  • The Autism Marathon was one of the events that took place on march this year to help support Autism. This was organized by Kuwait Center for Autism, Kuwait Autism Society and Reach Volunteer group.
  • This year we will also have a booth to distribute free ” Reach Autism ” ribbons and booklets regarding autism in 360 mall and marina mall.
  • You can also support Autism by buying Awareness products on line through where all proceeds will go to Autism children in kuwait.
  • The November Bakery will be supporting Autism as well, so pass by the bakery..

and of course join Reach group on Facebook too.

Reach Volunteer Group.


I first ate at Abou Al Sid restaurant (مطعم أبو السيد) in Sharm AlSeikh last year and it was the first time I experience a tasty egyptian cooking. Usually egyptian food (no offense) is all about quantity and no quality, Greasy food without a real identity (I’ve been to cairo a couple of times and I assure you I tried the best places. They all sucked. Rubber tastes better than their best dishes). But my perception changed when I tried ABou AL Sid in Sharm AlSheikh. I loved the food! and the restaurant’s ambience and overall feel was unique too Read the rest of this entry »



The software contains all the articles of the Kuwiati constitution in a simple way that enables a quick access to the material. A brief profile overview of the Parliament is included as well.

برنامج دستور دولة الكويت يحوي على جميع مواد الدستور بطريقة بسيطة تمكنك من الوصول إلى المواد بسرعة،بالاضافة إلى نبذة عن مجلس الأمة. ونعمل على إعداد الكثير من التطويرات والاضافات.


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