I read The Lovely Bones a while ago and thought it wasn’t all that, but I remember thinking, while turning the last pages, that these tragic events should make for a great movie. It eventually did!

The movie is about a girl whose name was Salmon, yep just like the fish, Susie Salmon, and she was only 14 when she was murdered.

On December 6th of 1973, the teenage girl was on her way back home from school when she was leered by a familiar face, raped and then brutally murdered. Her family struggle to pull their lives together as they try to find her killer. She narrates the movie from up above, where she carefully watches every step her family, and her killer, make.

The movie was all around a great movie. You all have to watch it.

Note: Actor Stanley Tucci keeps on surprising me with his talent. He is absolutely great in this one. In Julie & Julia as well.


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4 Responses to “The Lovely Bones Movie”

  1. a la Mocha says:

    Ya, i remember the trailer was intriguing.

  2. El Shahlab says:

    I had an entery about it in my blog couple of months ago.

    I haven’t read the book. But I saw the movie recently. I thought it was really good, given that the director is no other than Peter Jackson. CGIs were really convincing and creative.
    Actors performance was convincing, and Stanely Tucci’s performance was exceptional as you mentioned. I think he nailed the role of the perfectionist pervert, criminal guy.

    Definitely worth watching. BUT, it was a bit too long.

    If you don’t mind sitting for 3 hrs, then you have no problem.

    El Shahlab

  3. NJ says:

    Just saw the movie today. WOW! im glad I read about it on your blog otherwise I don’t think i’d have ever heard about it. The girl did an amazing job in the movie!

  4. Khalid says:

    I got it off the internet yesterday and I absolutely loed it!

    thank you for mentioning it šŸ™‚