The local online store We-Sell-Them are selling the new iPhone 4, 32GB, for KD385. Same day delivery to your doorsteps is possible if you order before 3PM.

We Sell Them




Remember when Yousef posted about it a couple of months ago? Well a couple of days ago I had the chance to try them and the surpassed our expectations. They were really delicious and so tiny! The order comes with 30 Pcs, and cost KD 20 plus 250 fils if you want them delivered.

They came with a dip which is simillar to Wasabi’s Rock Shrimp dip. They are really perfect for group gatherings and ghabgas.

To order you can contact them on 22644440 – 55990505


I was invited today to the testings of Viva’s new 4G Network capabilities, unfortunately I couldn’t make it, but I was told a lot of bloggers were invited to the Viva event along with news reporters. The technology being tested could take up the internet speeds in Kuwait up to incredible new heights, we’re talking 160MBPS+. I personally can’t wait till prices drop further and super fast internet speeds are available to everybody.

Also worth mentioning that Zain has started similiar tests a couple of weeks back. Read.

Thanks Fahad²


TV during Ramadan is awesome and the ads during this month are always great. 2 of my favorite ads this season are Wataniya telecom’s (shofo ghanouma) and Asnan Clinic’s. Both are very well done and Khfaaaf 6eena!! Loved them!


Facts about Mecca’s new Clock & Tower:

  • The Tower will end up being the second tallest building in the world, second only to Burj Khalifa.
  • It is the largest clock in the world and the highest.
  • 6 times bigger than Big Ben in london.
  • One of the clock’s 4 faces has been completed and is set to be tested for 3 months starting the first week of Ramadan.
  • The clock was designed by German and Swiss Engineers.
  • The clock tower include a Lunar Observation Center and an Islamic Museum.
  • A 76 story hotel within the tower will snatch the tallest hotel in the world title from the current tallest hotel in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.
  • Largest architectural building in the world with total area of 1.4 million square meters.
  • Cost: $3 billion

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Made especially for the heaviest of sleepers! I bet you can’t go wrong or miss an appointment with this one.


And get used to it also.


Was checking Pink Girl blog and found out that it will open in the latest phase in the Avenues.

Thanks Ahmad




It’s a relief when you get a dozen of new shiny Ga7fiyas! It suck when you keep delaying getting new ones, and the procrastinator within gets the best of you till you’re left with one ga7fiya. The guys sure know what I’m talking about.

I don’t know why they unravel the way they do so fast. I bought them a little less than a year ago, and I bought over 24 of them. When you take off the weekends, and divide the rest of the year over 24 Ga7fiyas, thats less than 11 uses per Ga7fiya. You’d think they should’ve lasted for about a year right? They didn’t. Some became loose and some tightened up, and the rest just unraveled and all sorts of strings were coming out of em. I threw most of the 24 ga7fiyas out after only a few months, and then I continued to filter out the bad ones till I was left with only one single tough Ga7fiya that persevered for over a month of daily usage.

Anyway. I finally managed to pass by khaya6 3gal today in sharg and got me a little over a dozen of new ga7fiyas. I’m used to have them made for me, but this time they had the exact same ones I use made and ready. Let’s see how long this new batch last.

The 3gal’s khaya6 is in sharg right across the street from Dasman complex.


We used to have Alghanim Electronics in Mishref’s co-op for couple of years until las month they’ve decided to take out Alghanim and replaced by gift shop which called Gate of Gifts .. Don’t think this was a right decision for taking Alghanim electronics out.

Thanks HNM


Ansam just told us that Napket are having new Ramadanian frozen yogurts flavors during this blessed month, like Vimto, Baithan (almond), Hail & Saffron, and Qamardeen (Which I think is some sort of a dried apricot?). Those flavors should be interesting to try when I get a chance.

Thanks Ansam




Just found out one of the coolest Kuwaiti blog, it basically talks about any new Haba that is taking place here in Kuwait and also mentions each previous haba and if its still alive or were put out of it’s misery. Check it out HERE


Oishii Sushi are having a Ramadan special for your Futoor, Sohoor, and Ghabgas.

Tortilla Tray: 20 pieces of spicy crab tortilla at KD9.5
Sushi Tray: 48 Sushis and you get to choose your favorite kinds starting at KD20.
Sushi Burgers: 30 Sushi burgers at KD20.

All trays are well presented for any of your occasions.

Oishii’s Facebook


This is fun I’d love to start a trip this way one day!


According to Scope TV, They’ve just said that Zain’s Kuwait has ended up their relation with Bu Rashid service and even today I didn’t received from him any sms.


Got this from Zain:

عملاؤنا الأعزاء،
تود شركة زين أن تبلغكم بأنها اتخذت قرارا بقطع خدمة “بو راشد” الإخبارية لأسباب خاصة وعليه تنقل لكم الشركة بالغ أسفها واعتذارها عن ما حدث ، علما انه سيتم استرجاع قيمة اشتراك الأسبوع الحالي
مبارك عليكم الشهر

Thanks HNM


Mubarak 3alaikom alshahar, they’ve just announced it.


Just found out that my wife bought this Sholl HydraStep slipper which is basically got contains a special moisturising gel which nourishes the skin while you walk .

The gel in the sole of the sandal is infused with gentle natural emollients, vitamin E and a delicate fragrance.

You can order them from HERE for around KD 11.5


Remember I was asking for some thing like this idea before? Well now it seems its available but lets see if they allow me to get it as MicroSim or not because it comes with E-Go, Other than that I have to convert it by my self . It seems also its a good offer the eeZee line + E-Go + 1.5 KD in account will cost you 10 KD only.

Thanks Ali


Remember my previous post? Well it seems now Saudi has Settled it down and they came to deal which is unknown yet, but the service is back now and its fully functional.



Old is Gold, Do you remember it?