Yes, its getting hard now because of  Yousef. Yousef’s parents just gave me his Officially unlocked iPhone 4, that was delivered to their door in France. I’m sitting next to it… they’ve cancelled my order a couple of weeks ago. I’m supposed to take it and deliver it to him in Kuwait.

Lucky you bas ham 3alaik bel 3afya 🙂

For those who want to know what was part 1/2 of the mission click HERE


Remember my previous post regarding my idea if there is such a thing that will give me an option to have a prepaid Microsim for my iPad? Well just found one here in France which is simply do the work, Its simply cost you around KD3 for the Microsim with 4 days free net then you will have an option that either to subscribe for a monthly basis or you will pay per day.


just went to Apple’s latest branch which is located in Paris its the second branch in Paris and the third in France and just found out that its the largest in Europe, Its just one week ago was opened and for sure the iPhone 4 went out of stock from the second day of opening. But still they’ve the iPads in stock, Bought the 16 GB with 3G for one of my friends .

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Yes, why not it might be true.


Most of you knows Rami the Lebanese singer from the latest Star Academy  has just passed away, But what shocked me that he mentioned his accident in Star Academy before and he dreamed about it couple of times ago.

Check the video above.



Yes, now you can watch full movies for free from YouTube,

Above one of the movies which is Wheels On Meals by Jackie Chan.

You can check it out by clicking HERE


Not the normal cow milk this time they got the approval to ship camel’s milk to Europe.

“The UAE is intending to export camel milk to European markets next year, to be among the first suppliers of this product to the EU,” Abdullah Al Janan, executive director for Agricultural and Animal Affairs Department, Ministry of Environment and Water, told the Arabic daily Al Ittihad.”


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From Saray News:

“معرس بالكويت يستخدم جهاز الكي نت لقبض العانية من المهنئين”

No comment…

Source & picture stolen from Z-District’s Blog

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Just got an sms telling me that Rabab the Iraqi singer has passed away. Alah yer7amha.

“توفيت الفنانة العراقية رباب مساء أمس، بعد إصابتها بنزيف حاد بالمخ أدخلها في غيبوبة منذ 3 أيام.

وقالت مصادر مقربة من الفنانة الراحلة إن رباب توفيت في الساعة التاسعة من مساء أمس، بعد فشل الأطباء في محاولة إيقاف النزيف الحاد في المخ.

وكانت مديرة أعمال الفنانة الراحلة قالت لـ”الإمارات اليوم” في وقت سابق، إن صحة رباب تدهورت بشكل مفاجئ منذ ثلاثة أيام فــقط، ظلت فيها حبيسة غرفة العناية الفائقة، بسبب ارتفاع شديد في ضغط الدم تسبب في نزيف داخلي وبشكل خاص في المخ، مؤكدةً أن سوء حالتها جعلت الأطباء يفضلون عدم التدخل جراحياً بانتظار معجزة الشفاء.” – Source


Yes, part one of the mission is done and the second part is to get an iPhone 4 officially unlocked after they’ve canceled my order I’ve placed a second one. Back to subject just bought two iPad 3G 64GB from the State one for me and the other for Saleya and i’m thinking to buy from Zain eeZee line with MicroSIM card and fill it whenever I need to use the net outside home, because I don’t want to get hooked up with a monthly subscription. So what do you think is it possible?


Its true..

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Since most of us ordered already or will order the iPhone 4 or got iPad 3G, You will need to get the MicroSIM from your Network provider, For me I hate to go there and wait in lines just to pay my bill or subscribe into a package, most of my things I did it by calling 107 or thru the net but this time I need to go to change my SIM card to MicroSIM but after watching the video above I’ve changed my mind and I’m thinking of making my own MicroSIM by myself. All you need is to download the sheet and printed on A4 paper and follow the instruction. After you converted your SIM into MicroSIM you need and adapter to get it back to the conventional one incase you need to change your phone which you can find it HERE for about KD 1.5

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Remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote a post asking you about a translated Qur’an? well all the comments were helpful and I went directly to Jareer and purchased five English Qur’ans and they are on their way to the people who asked me in Aberdeen. Thank you guys.

and thanks ANM & Mar1


This is Toru Iwatani’s notebook, the creator of Pac-Man, complete with sketched-out pixel art, prototype mazes, and ghost movements.

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The iPhone 4 just arrived in Kuwait from X-Cite, the big question now is how much they are willing to sell it for? I’m thinking the price will be KD300 & KD350 for the 16GB & 32 GB respectively.

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His name is Hikakin, a young Japanese guy who used both his mouth and nose to perform a melody of Super Mario Bros. I think it’s outstanding.

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Yes, they’ve canceled it! without any introduction. They turned my credit card down coz it’s a French based credit card (I ordered from Apple France) so I changed it to a French based one and guess what? I was just sent an email telling me that my order was canceled due to multiple changes in the credit cards.

Here is the thing, I need an officially unlocked iPhone 4 at reasonable price. Anyone?


Its really amazing.




Remember when Yousef wrote about it six months back, Well someone just sent me these pictures (Below you will find 30+ pictures) about Dubai’s latest Hotel, the Armani Hotel. Its in Burj Khalifa near Dubai mall. Its an amazing hotel but once you know the rooms prices you will be shocked. It start at KD222 for Armani Studio, up to KD715, and it’ll cost you a bit more once you add the taxes. For more pictures click below.

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One of our friends is willing to sell two baby elephants for KD 10,000 they are available in Kuwait right now and those who are interested leave a comment and he will contact you by email.